Trump requested $ 500 million to fight Russia

Anti-Russian struggle remains one of the priority areas policy Donald Trump The American president requested $ 500 million from the United States budget to counter Russia's “malicious influence".

Trump requested $ 500 million to fight Russia

Washington plans to send half a billion dollars in budget funds to solve problems in Eurasia, Europe and Central Asia. It is these regions of the planet, according to Trump and his entourage, who are most affected by Russian politics.

Among the main goals of US financial injections are, firstly, to reduce the energy dependence of European countries on gas supplies and other resources from Russia, and secondly, to minimize the dependence of Eurasian countries on Russian arms supplies.

Separate funds were requested by the US Department of State. The State Department is going to step up propaganda in Russian. By 2020, the US State Department plans to double the weekly Russian-speaking audience of the RS / RFE (Freedom / Free Europe).

It should be noted that in addition to Russia, China is among the goals of American propaganda, for which Washington wants to create a special digital "news network ”, and Iran, for which the United States in 2020 is going to start round-the-clock broadcasting in Farsi.

Thus, in the near future, the United States is not going to abandon political and informational expansion in Eurasia. The colossal funds that are going to be allocated for these goals will make it possible to finance all kinds of opposition goals, to prepare and carry out new provocations. And Russia in this regard also needs to increase alertness.
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