“Russians have finally dug in”: Ukrainian woman appreciated the changes in Crimea

Olesya Medvedeva, a Ukrainian journalist for the Internet newspaper Strana.ua, spoke about her trip to Crimea and appreciated how the peninsula was transformed in 5 years after its reunification with Russia. This, incidentally, is only the first part of the special project “Whose Crimea? 5 years without Ukraine ”, so there will be a sequel soon.

“Russians have finally dug in”: Ukrainian woman appreciated the changes in Crimea

This issue told how to get to the Crimea (in Ukraine, for some time this is a problem), how to cross the border and with what passport. It was reported where to change the money, what gas prices and the cost of living in a hotel and other details that may be useful to Ukrainian citizens in Crimea.

The Russians, of course, dug in completely. We have some kind of frail yellow-blue cars, and they have it as befits at the checkpoint

- She commented on the border crossing between Ukraine and Russia on the isthmus.

The journalist dispelled the myth of oppression of the Crimean Tatar people by the Russian authorities. She specified that in recent years at least five mosques have been built on the peninsula.

Medvedev drew attention to problems with the Internet and mobile communications, complaining that Ukrainian operators were not working on the peninsula. She also performed a song in Ukrainian (mov) to check if this would attract the attention of local law enforcement agencies.

Underworked. Where do they generally look <...> a woman sings Ukrainian songs. With impunity!

- Medvedev was amply surprised.

This behavior of the girl, "patriot" is not difficult to understand. She still has to go home and work. But she perfectly understands that, for example, if someone began to sing the anthem of the USSR in Kiev, it would definitely have attracted the attention of “law enforcers”, other “patriots” and fighters for “freedom of speech” in Bandera’s interpretation. Even the avid "gunpowders" do not believe in the opportunity to meet drunken bears wandering around the cities in hats with earflaps and balalaikas in Ukraine.

The girl drew attention to the fact that large banks cannot "enter" the territory of Crimea, because of sanctions. She said that small banks work there: Genbank and RNKB, they do not have foreign capital and do not work in the world market.

As a result, a Ukrainian journalist with a Russian surname sadly stated that the peninsula lives according to Russian laws. But Medvedev still considers Crimea a part of Ukraine, but is ready to go there for personal reasons, despite political position. She promised that in the next issues she will show various infrastructure facilities built on the peninsula over the past 5 years and will interview local residents. In short, she will advertise the Russian Crimea in Ukraine.
  • Photos used: https://www.mk.ru/
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  1. Rusa Offline Rusa
    Rusa 8 March 2019 16: 56
    Yes, let Olesya and other guests advertise the Russian Crimea in Ukraine and the Crimean bridge, as well as: Novorossiysk, Gelendzhik, Anapa, Sochi, Rostov on Don, Krasnodar ...
    No wonder they say that it is better to see once than to hear a hundred times.
    Popular diplomacy is a critical factor.
  2. for normal people, the bank is not really needed.
  3. Galar Offline Galar
    Galar (Timur) 9 March 2019 10: 29
    tired of the face of this aunt. It’s necessary to take pictures around, and not your beloved.
    1. Rusa Offline Rusa
      Rusa 9 March 2019 20: 35
      She is afraid, otherwise for talking with Russians, for achievements of Crimeans, etc. she will be accused of propaganda as an independent one, put on some list, and Bandera and the Nazis may run over.
      You have to dodge, dissemble and cover the screen with yourself, like an embrasure. )
  4. commbatant Offline commbatant
    commbatant (Sergei) 9 March 2019 13: 18
    I forgot to mention in which regions Ukraine became part of the USSR .... and which lands it acquired, for free, while being in it ...
    And I forgot to say what land Ukraine received from the Russian tsars ....
  5. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 9 March 2019 13: 39
    It was nice to see the spring Crimea, familiar places! good Of course, I would like to see "less Olesya" with her "convex" narcissism, and, nevertheless, "more Crimea", but okay request smile - Moreover, this type of girl, pretty with cold eyes, is usually prone to unbridled narcissism ... wink .
    For some reason, Olesya, saying "A" - about completely killed Ukrainian roads (for some reason becoming more and more emergency and bumpy as they approach the Crimea ??!), Did not say "B" - about the striking contrast of the Ukrainian off-road, with excellent main highways in the Crimea, immediately catching the eye and "feeling" after crossing the last Ukrainian border post, probably was afraid of "Heroic patriots" ??!
    But even on her video a smooth tape of the Trans-Crimean expressway was shot, which in 2013 was not so smooth!
    With exchangers and banks in the Crimea, indeed, serious "strains", also faced with this last summer - now I will stock up on rubles in Ukraine. smile
    From his Internet addiction, he simply rested on the sea and on walks along the Crimean coast, and again began to read "paper" books. yes
    With a verse of the Soviet love song - "Chervona Ruta", from Sofa Rotaru, popular in the early 70s, performed by Olesya, with childish antics and "taymnycho" - in an undertone, walking along the practically deserted Nakhimov Square, it turned out to be feigned and funny, because it was clear that in Sevastopol she was not threatened by any reprisals - this is the prerogative of the "Ukrainian" scum from the ranks of the bandero-fascists, so let them sing Russian songs on the Kiev "Maidan" or in the very den of cannibalistic banderonazism - "Mission Lvov" , then let us compare the true "freedom of speech"!
    And in one thing I fully agree with Olesya - this is in her, understandable "not only to a few", eloquent "hello to Trupchin and Co." - to the rabid gang of Russophobic extremists - 100% of the MayDowns, who finally averted (already, for the "holy" post-Soviet decades gangster timelessness of destructive "rozbudovy nezalezhnisti", "pretty tired" of the enemy intrigues of the thieving "Ukrainian authorities" of the impudent nouveau riche-deribanists who banded and turkomantized Crimea right and left!) Crimeans from being a part of the "independent imperial colony" "with your own station" to leave for Russia from such mega-thirsty Banderopithecus!
    For us, non-Crimean people, Crimea is a resort to which you will go, even with all your great desire, only if you have the opportunity, money and time, and if there is no money, then, the stump is clear, only you will dream of a trip to the sea, even much cheaper ... hence the "fundamental conclusions" about the "ownership of the Crimea"! wink
  6. asr55 Offline asr55
    asr55 (asr) 8 September 2019 16: 44
    Russia has dug in the Crimea for more than 200 years. Ukraine was given the opportunity, but due to greed, greed, terrible nationalism and fascism, and a lack of adequacy in determining the meaning of Crimea, a disregard for the inhabitants of the peninsula and its riches, it could not dig in and take root in the Black Sea pearl. The logical result we have.