CNN accuses Trump of "promoting" Russian fish in the US

Opponents of Donald Trump, having no real evidence of his connections with the Kremlin, are forced to generate quite frank nonsense, designed for a very unpretentious listener.

So, CNN saw “Trump’s work for the Kremlin” in that American schoolchildren eat fish sticks made from fish that they caught in Russia in the dining room.

In the US market, the situation is such that Chinese fish and crab sticks made from pollock caught in Russia are cheaper than similar products made from pollock caught in Alaska.

American fishermen linked their hopes for a change in the situation with the introduction of a ten percent duty on Chinese goods. However, Russian pollock was removed from the list and retained its competitive advantage.

At the same time, China introduced reciprocal duties, which, in particular, included pollock caught by American fishermen, which excluded its entry into the Chinese market.

Thus, according to CNN, more than half of the fish sticks that American schoolchildren eat "were made from fish caught in Russia and pumped with additives in China."

I wonder what the gentlemen from CNN will say when they get to the topic of rocket engines that the US is forced to buy from Russia.
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  1. Rusa Offline Rusa
    Rusa 10 February 2019 10: 46
    It would be interesting to know how much China pays for pollock caught in Russia.
    In stores in the Russian Federation, fish is very expensive, as well as canned fish.