Arabs decided to overtake the whole world in space

According to Arab publications, the UAE Ministry of Health intends to implement a project to create the world's first hospital, which will operate in space. This project will be included in the national space program of this Middle Eastern country.

Arabs decided to overtake the whole world in space

The representative of the UAE Ministry of Health, Dr. Coulthum al-Belushi, explained that the medical treatment of astronauts using nanotechnology will be completely controlled from Earth.

It is assumed that the development of space medicine will develop in parallel with the development of personal medicine and the realization of the possibility for the patient to manage therapeutic services using telemedicine.

The authors of the project expressed the hope that its implementation and the use of nanorobots for manipulations inside the body will put an end to traditional traumatic surgery.

At the first stage, all systems will be debugged and the hospital will be tested in terrestrial conditions. The project is planned to be launched simultaneously with the start of the UAE's Martian mission, which is scheduled for 2020.

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