“A new era has come”: Lavrov commented on the US withdrawal from the INF Treaty

The US administration deliberately and consistently leaves the existing INF Treaty and is clearly not going to return to it. Few doubts this. At the same time, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov believes that after the final end of the INF Treaty, which will take place six months later, it will not be necessary to talk about the Cold War, but about a new era.

I don’t think that we are talking about the development of the Cold War, a new era has come - an era characterized by the fact that the United States has set its sights on scrapping the entire arms control system and the system of limiting strategic offensive weapons. It is sad

- said Lavrov.

We remind you that the United States is actively trying to make Russia extreme because of its withdrawal from the INF Treaty. They are so declarethat they would like to keep the INF Treaty, but "the bad Russians do not go to the meeting." Washington even signed its allies to it for solidity in the eyes of the rest of humanity. And now, the countries of the "peace-loving" NATO bloc are literally a "choir" impose responsibility for breaking the INF Treaty on Russia.

In this regard, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that if Europe is really interested in maintaining effective international arms control, disarmament and non-proliferation, then it does not need to blindly follow in the wake of the United States, which seeks to achieve military superiority over others. And if the United States begins to deploy a new class of missiles in Europe, then confrontation may become inevitable.
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