Why did all the assassination attempts on Stalin fail?

In light of the past pages and news To the world media, the information about the assassination attempt on Russian President Vladimir Putin, allegedly being prepared during his visit to Serbia, is the time to recall another leader of our country - Joseph Stalin. Perhaps, more was undertaken in relation to his attempts at physical elimination than in relation to any other leader of the USSR or Russia. Nevertheless, none of them was successful, the Leader did not even get a scratch, and the vast majority of special operations to eliminate it were stopped at the planning and preparation stages. Why was that? Let's figure it out.

The destruction of Stalin turned into an end in itself and an obsession with the enemies of the Soviet Union from the very moment when the true leader of the party, state and people crystallized in his face, capable of truly great and fateful achievements. In the West, those who dreamed of destroying our country appreciated this danger for their plans very quickly and began to act urgently. The first serious attempt to eliminate it from the next several dozen should be considered the case on Ilyinka in Moscow. The incident of October 16, 1931, when Stalin was literally face to face with the one who was planning to kill him, put an end to the General Secretary’s “free life”, before allowing himself to walk along the streets of the capital on foot and accompanied by a maximum of one security guard.

By the way, this particular case is very characteristic - both as an answer to the question of why the assassination attempts on Joseph Vissarionovich invariably failed, and as an example of how godless the stories about them are today. First of all, he carried in his pocket a revolver with a bullet for Stalin Platonov-Petin, who illegally entered the USSR under the guise of an employee of the Torgprom Ogarev, usually called the "White Guard", a member of the Russian Military Union. This, however, is only part of the truth. In ROVS this fruit really consisted - but at the time of yawing around Moscow in search of the opportunity to get rid of Stalin, he had long and wholeheartedly worked for British intelligence and carried out its tasks. So the vile "primacy" in the matter of the assassination attempts against Joseph Vissarionovich belongs not to any German Nazis or even domestic "kontrik", but to our eternal "best friends" from Foggy Albion. No wonder, though ...

Those who describe the incident on Ilyinka almost unanimously argue that the actions of the killer who had already grabbed a weapon were suppressed by an OGPU officer who was at the Leader’s side. Again untruth! The guard accompanying Stalin most likely did not even have time to understand what was happening. Joseph Vissarionovich was saved by the fact that the intelligence agent was accompanying ... Platonov-Petin himself! This individual who rode back and forth across the Soviet border with clearly “muddy” goals by that time had already been actively developed by the “authorities” and the expertly “led” employee did not go a step from him. That's just what he stopped the saboteur reaching for Nagan, hissing in his ear: “Only not here! Not right now! ” There wasn’t any “later” for Ogarev ... Rather, it did - but in the uncomfortable basements of the Lubyanka, where he ended up immediately after such a egregious trick.

For Stalin and other "responsible comrades" this story also had the most far-reaching consequences. As a matter of fact, it was with her that the formation of the personal protection of the “first persons” of the Soviet state began. Well, and, of course, the resolution that later became known came to light on the report of the OGPU regarding the circumstances of the emergency: “Stop walking around Comrade Stalin in Moscow!” From now on, the “wolfhounds” from the OGPU, and subsequently the GUGB of the NKVD of the USSR, capable of literally tearing apart a dozen armed terrorists with their bare hands, and, if necessary, shutting down a guarded person, relentlessly accompanied not only Stalin, but all the leaders of the state even the territory of the Kremlin.

All information about the movements of the Leader possessed the highest classification of secrecy. Until the last second, no one except the incredibly narrow circle of the most trusted people knew not only when and where Comrade Stalin would go, but what mode of transport he would use! In a state of readiness at the same time all “boards No. 1” - air and river, special forces of the Secretary General and cars in the government garage. The decision became known to the performers a moment before departure, and the routes were not only carefully thought out and checked, but also constantly changed. And often - again, in the process of moving. By the way, the Stalinist train was a real fortress on wheels, capable of not only repelling any attack, but also withstanding a siege in a couple of weeks, at least.

This time and its order is very clearly characterized by the fact that, in matters of their own security, even the top leaders of the party and government did not have the right to contradict the people providing it. The following story is extremely revealing: for regular violations of the “flight rules of responsible employees” and driving a company car too fast, the same scammers were not received by pilots or drivers of the Kremlin Special Purpose Garage (which had a wonderful abbreviation GON), but by a member of the Politburo of the Central Committee and People’s who tried to force them Commissioner Anastas Mikoyan! Up to a strict reprimand. They didn’t joke with such things then. “Drive” at speeds above 60 kilometers per hour and bicker with guards Mikoyan was forbidden by a special resolution of the Politburo.

However, a much more important aspect of the work aimed at ensuring that not a single hair fell from the leaders of the USSR and, above all, Comrade Stalin, was the titanic and incredibly professional work of other NKVD units - intelligence and counterintelligence. It was only Khrushchev, with his characteristic foolishness and black hatred of Joseph Vissarionovich, who could seriously say that he supposedly had “paranoia” regarding the threat to his own life, and the assassination attempts “eternally imagined”. Nothing like that! Quite real attempts to destroy Stalin at any cost followed almost one after another, and even before the start of World War II.

The Japanese alone took on this hopeless cause, at least twice, only in 1939. For the first time, the Leaders were about to finish off in Matsesta, where he, taking a health bath, at least for a short time remained alone. The second time the enterprise was organized on a much larger scale - they planned to blow up the entire rostrum of the Mausoleum, which during the May Day demonstration traditionally hosted the entire country's leadership, headed by Stalin. Here are just both times thrown into the USSR groups of saboteurs-liquidators fell straight into the strong arms of the guys in the "cornflower-blue" caps. In the first case, the six terrorists recruited from the White Guard emigrants "accidentally" ran into the very accurate machine-gun crew when crossing the Soviet-Turkish border, and in the second, the bombers abandoned in the Union disappeared without a trace, just as there were none in the world. Both incidents are recognized and described in the literature of Japan itself, and we can only add that these attempts were thwarted due to the excellent work of the NKVD agent in Manchuria, who had the pseudonym either Leo or Liao.

The sinister plans hatched against the Supreme Leadership of the special services of Nazi Germany were no paranoia. For those who did not spare for the death of Stalin mercilessly smashing them, neither the forces, nor the means, nor the best agents and operatives of their own. However, the result invariably turned out to be the same as that of the samurai - that is, zero. All the carefully prepared and worked out to the smallest details operations to destroy the "Big Three" - Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt - ended in shameful rout of agents and sabotage group of the best thugs Skorzeny, the last of which fell on the old Armenian cemetery in Tehran under the bullets of aces of the secret war from the NKVD . Again, intelligence worked perfectly - and every single "top secret" combination of the enemy was known in advance to those who were responsible for the security of both Stalin himself and the entire historic conference of world leaders.

The attempt to cast into Moscow with the aim of eliminating Stalin the “Tavrin spouses”, to the preparation of which the ominous “Zeppelin enterprise” and, again, personally Otto Sokrtseni, in a word, ended with no less, and perhaps even greater shame. , spy and sabotage "elite" of the Third Reich. And how they tried! And the holes in the filthy skin of a former officer of the Red Army, who became at first a defector and then a Hitler agent, the German surgeons were not too lazy to make, portraying "battle wounds." And a whole bunch of “not very fake” documents were prepared for him - right up to Major SMERSH's identity card, which was supposed to drive any inspector into a stupor. And the awards, including the star of the Hero and the Order of Lenin, were completely hung by the real ones, taken from the body of a front-line hero tortured in a concentration camp. And they even bothered to concoct copies of “Soviet” newspapers describing the exploits of the future terrorist and decrees on his rewarding ...

Well, the technical support was approached truly in German - with all thoroughness. The Soviet motorcycle got it - for greater authenticity. The main assassination weapon, which, in Berlin, it was believed, was not even a chance for armored vehicles from the GON, was to be a Panzerknakke hand-held grenade launcher with a caliber of 60 millimeters, a shot of which was pierced by an armor plate of 45 millimeters thick. The most remarkable thing is that this deadly weapon was hiding literally in the sleeve of the most ordinary clothes, and you could shoot from it without removing it from your hand. It just ended in the most deplorable way - for the assassin. The plans for the upcoming abandonment and subsequent attack on the Supreme became known to Soviet intelligence. And then everything went one to one: a special plane, which was supposed to deliver saboteurs almost to Moscow itself, ran into an “unexpectedly” anti-aircraft defense and was hit. And the whole carefully worked out “legend” could not stand the meeting with the very first patrol, which “Major SMERSH” and his companion seemed terribly suspicious. Not by chance, probably? Comrades Beria and Abakumov (who was awarded, by the way, for this case the Order of Kutuzov I degree) had no accidents in their work.

Concluding the conversation about the assassination attempts on Stalin, it is simply impossible to ignore some more important points. Especially - those regarding whom Khrushchev first began to spread in a whisper from the filing, if it was wrong, and then the darkness of the most ridiculous lie was loudly caught up by our "liberals". First of all, let us recall the people who were responsible for the personal safety of the Leader in different years. Two figures stand out among them. The first - Karl Pauker, who was the true Shadow of Stalin and who enjoyed his absolute confidence, unfortunately, perished in a bloody meat grinder arranged by Yezhov in the NKVD. The second was Nikolai Vlasik, who led the protection of Stalin from 1931, in fact, until the death of Joseph Vissarionovich and rose to the rank of lieutenant general in this post. Vlasik was not only the man who made the service subordinate to him the best in the world - in any case, the assessments of some historians, and, most importantly, real results testify to this. He was a member of the Leader’s family, nursing his children and secretly replacing Stalin’s worn coat, with which he categorically refused to part, with a new one. By an evil irony of fate, under the investigation Vlasik found himself during the lifetime of the one whom he had given himself over to protection. However, later he wrote: “Whatever I experienced, not a single minute in my soul was angry with Comrade Stalin.”

Hence, another point regarding the assassination attempts, allegedly "rigged by Lavrenti Beria," during which he saved Stalin and even covered himself, solely in order to "earn his love and trust." All this is nonsense! Moreover - the dog. Lavrenty Pavlovich earned the trust of the Supreme for his hard labor - first to restore order in the "organs", then, during the war, to organize the production of weapons and ammunition, and subsequently - on the super-important "atomic project". It was not necessary to arrange cheap performances - yes, Stalin would not have believed them. The truth is that the absolute majority of Soviet citizens was ready to shut down, including literally, the Leader of the peoples. Such was the time, such people ... However, the wretched little mind of the "liberals" can never comprehend this.

PS Some discerning readers may blame the author for not mentioning in the article the only attempt that succeeded - the death of the Leader in March 1953. Have mercy! This topic needs a completely separate conversation. I solemnly promise - it will take place in our country soon.
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  1. Shelest2000 Offline Shelest2000
    Shelest2000 19 January 2019 13: 04
    In the light of information on the attempt on the assassination of Russian President Vladimir Putin through the pages and news feeds of the world media,

    With an air rifle, of which there are plenty in our stores.
    I laughed so much (c)
    Those. according to this logic, every owner of an air box in Russia also automatically becomes a terrorist and an assassin. I'm afraid of what to think about hunters and athletes with their firearm wassat
    1. businessv Offline businessv
      businessv (Vadim) 19 January 2019 14: 07
      Quote: Shelest2000
      With an air rifle, of which there are plenty in our stores.

      Colleague, we are probably talking about different attempts at assassination because in my case a whole arsenal + explosives with remote fuses was listed, but not a word was said about the air! negative
    2. Conn Offline Conn
      Conn (Conn) 19 January 2019 21: 46
      Yes, Punin is not Castro, nobody needs him, because the FSA knows that they are a glorious successor to the EBN case, for them a faithful partner, not an enemy.
  2. businessv Offline businessv
    businessv (Vadim) 19 January 2019 14: 01
    Some discerning readers may blame the author for the fact that the article does not mention the only attempt that succeeded - the death of the Leader in March 1953.

    Thanks to Alexander for the article! I think that many of the discerning readers can blame the author for the very existence of this article, because after the report of Khrushchev, which openly spoke about the many unpopular actions of the USSR leadership towards its inhabitants, many have developed a very unambiguous attitude towards Stalin's personality. And in the 90s, a lot of dirt was poured on all the people who had ever been present in the Politburo of the CPSU Central Committee. Therefore, I think that a long and ungrateful work is to be done first to investigate certain actions (for example, the resettlement of entire republics), and then to clarify the role of one or another leader in them. My family also suffered from the actions of the Soviet government, since my ancestors are Volga Germans, but IMHO the role of such a person as Stalin in the history of the country can hardly be overestimated, if only because the country's economy created under his leadership withstood and won such an ordeal like the Great Patriotic War! I ask Liberastov not to get excited, I understand perfectly well that without our heroic people no Victory would have happened! hi
  3. Night Fern Offline Night Fern
    Night Fern (Night Fern) 19 January 2019 14: 23
    Regarding the assassination attempts on Stalin.
    The letter of Josip Broz Tito found in the papers of Stalin after his death is widely known:

    Stalin. Stop sending killers for me. We have already caught five, one with a bomb, the other with a rifle. If you do not stop sending killers, then I will send you one, and I will not have to send a second.
  4. Rusa Offline Rusa
    Rusa 20 January 2019 00: 34
    Useful and good information. Respect to the author.
    There are excellent books and films about Soviet intelligence and SMERSH, but you need even more on reliable facts, they become more every year as they become declassified. Soviet school for the training of law enforcement officers, including protection, work experience are necessary for current and future generations, which is developing in modern conditions.
  5. Stalin nevertheless underestimated the internal enemy and fell for the old, aging bait: His wife was killed while staging a suicide, then they slipped a sarochka (the sister of Lazar Kaganovich), and then the slow poisoning of the Leader! Read The Kremlin Wolf by Stuart Kaganovich.