Russian Foreign Ministry: there is evidence of US ties to terrorists

It is no secret that the Afghan Taliban and ISIS are banned in Russia. However, few people know that the Taliban and ISIS are enemies. Rather, the Taliban destroy the "barmaley" in their native Afghanistan, preventing their teachings from spreading throughout the country.

Moreover, the contradictions between the Taliban and the “barmaley” are fundamental, therefore, there are few ISIS fighters in Afghanistan. Especially if there is no military base in the USA, Great Britain or other likely allies nearby. But the Taliban do not kill the "barmaley" of interest, but they carefully and carefully guard in their prisons.

And so it is reported that US special forces captured one of these prisons in Afghanistan. It just contained the “barmalei” from ISIS representing a certain value. The Americans, by all means, needed to prevent the leakage of information that these militants possessed about their ties with the US authorities. This was stated in a statement by the Russian Foreign Ministry, published by on the official site. And according to the Foreign Ministry, "if not direct, then indirect" evidence of US ties with ISIS terrorists comes regularly.

This is a recent statement by the Taliban Movement on a targeted raid by U.S. special forces to capture one of the Taliban prisons in the Afghan province of Badgis, which contained ISIS militants captured in northern Afghanistan in August 2018.

- said the Foreign Ministry.

It is clarified that the "barmalei" captured from the Taliban from ISIS were taken away in an unknown direction by the American military.
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  1. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
    A.Lex 17 January 2019 20: 27
    In principle, this was already clear. All wars, the so-called. revolutions around the world (from the overthrow and murder of kings, kings, princes and other monarchs), the overthrow of legitimate authority - everywhere provoked by the Anglo-Saxons. This is a nation of moral monsters and criminals. First, the British, and then the Americans. All the horrors, troubles, "accidents", tragedies - the ears of insolent people stick out everywhere. (except for natural disasters)
    The most interesting thing is that no one has an idea to raise the issue of recognizing the ruling elites of GB and USA as guilty of the genocide of the population of planet Earth! Moreover, the genocide is not some kind of one of the local wars, the genocide of the world's population, which continued for CENTURIES. When this fact is recognized, then it will already be possible to build relations between the victims, and their liberation from the yoke of the Naglo-Saxons is completely legitimate and justified from any side! After all, the facts lie before us - the occupation of Europe by the Amers. The destruction of the indigenous population of the British Isles - the Celts (assimilated or completely destroyed), North America (completely), Australia (completely) ... This nation of moral cripples EVERYWHERE brought violence, humiliation, lies and robbery of everything and everyone. And it is this nation that we are set as an example? Those who lowered their commoners below cattle, below things? Those who were considered by the rest of the peoples INITIALLY lower than themselves in status? Those who invented fascism and Nazism in practice (the rest only "ennobled" THIS philosophically)?
    For me, this ETA nation should not even exist !!!
  2. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
    A.Lex 17 January 2019 20: 35
    ... Those of the English who did not have vast land for raising sheep, or money to build a manufactory, traditionally went to sea. But, don't fight, trade, or fish. No, the current generation of English sailors knew another way to get rich quick, even two whole paths - the slave trade and piracy. It was at the end of the sixteenth century that Drake, a former pirate, later granted by the nobility, and in legends, the lover of the queen herself, showed himself. Yes, then the famous "English dream" appeared - to pirate and plunder in his youth, in order to become a governor and lord in maturity, a respected person, treated kindly by the queen. In a few decades, the "English Dream" will smoothly pass into the slogan of all Protestants, their religious symbol. Pastors of all countries will instill in the flock - "If you achieved wealth, no matter by what method, robbed, killed, betrayed, in any case, you are marked by God. Wealth, regardless of the method of obtaining, is a sign of divine mercy to man."
    It is from those times, the end of the sixteenth century, that the feet of the immorality of modern Western society grow. First, the Protestant countries - England, Sweden, Holland, in the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries achieved a sharp economic growth, naturally associated with political and military influence. The nobles, industrialists and merchants of these countries professed the above-mentioned principle of the omnipotence of money, later called in short "money does not smell." The British, having previously recognized the Indians of North America as having no soul, that is, animals, and not people, actively engaged in the destruction of all Chingachgooks and Sharp-Sighted Falcons. Not only shooting, but also infecting with measles and smallpox, starving people with hunger and cold on reservations.
    The Dutch, who were engaged in the same, brutal genocide of the natives from Southeast Asia, in Indonesia, from where the looted wealth had been exported for three centuries, did not lag behind them. Moreover, the descendants of the Kyuoz were so cruel that the Indonesians, Malays and other Indo-Chinese, including the inhabitants of Ceylon, originally Dutch, met the British (!) As liberators from heavy oppression. The Swedes, for some reason, who did not become a colonial power, although they landed in America, perfectly demonstrated the Protestant skills of supermen in Eastern Europe. They also did not consider the Finns, Russians, Karelians and other savages to be people, like their English brothers in American Indians. Therefore, the Swedish troops, until the end of the eighteenth century, with the indifference of a butcher slaughtering a pig, completely cut out all the settlements of Aboriginal, non-Protestant religion in the occupied territories.
    Later, the French, who enthusiastically slaughtered the aborigines in their colonies, joined the "advanced brothers of the Europeans", which was not hindered by the Catholic Church, which desperately envied the super profits of Protestants. They were followed by the Germans, Italians, Spaniards. In fairness, it should be noted that in the Catholic occupied lands, the aborigines were considered human, in contrast to the Protestants. Therefore, for all the cruelty of the Spanish Inquisition, the population of South and Central America was not destroyed, as in North America, but mixed with the colonialists and grew significantly. Unlike the North American aborigines, whose birth rate boom is not heard on the reservations.
    And so it happened that initially the Protestants sold other people's souls for wealth, depriving the natives of the right to soul for the sake of profit. Half a millennium later, their distant descendants in Europe have already sold their souls for wealth, depriving themselves of gender and family identity, depriving children of the right to mom and dad. Why are these backward concepts in tolerant Europe? Let there be "parent N1" and "parent N2". Since money does not smell, merchants and industrialists deprive all of humanity of the right to healthy food, treatment, clean air, clean land and clean water. Why preserve clean water and land in the United States when you can take it all away from animals? The same Arabs, Negroes, Ukrainians, Russians? They are not Protestants, therefore, they have no soul. And to kill an animal is not a sin, on the contrary. If you kill a chicken differently than at a poultry farm, but simply chop off the head, you will be sued for cruelty to animals.
    With people, especially non-Protestants, it is much easier, bomb Belgrade (for humanitarian purposes, of course), throw "Molotov cocktails" and burn the Ukrainians alive in Odessa (they are Slavs, and even Orthodox, are the essence of pigs that do not have a soul), and you won't get anything. Rather, there will be money, which, as you know, does not smell. And a person who earned a lot of money, according to the ideology of Protestants, what? Of course, he is pleasing to God, he is already on the threshold of paradise, regardless of whom and how much he killed, he is rich! (No wonder the Dutch Protestants have sayings like "Jesus Christ is good, trade is better" or "A man should have a big mouth and a small heart")
    It was at the end of the sixteenth century that the foundation was laid in Europe, primarily in Protestant countries, for the entire modern inhuman policy of dividing people into first and second grade, into the "golden billion" and the rest ...
    Taken from "Drang nach Osten in Russian" - tetralogy, Viktor Viktorovich Zaitsev.
    PS ... I'm sorry that so much ...