China is buying up resources around the world, increasing strategic reserves of raw materials


In recent months, mainland China has been actively increasing its strategic reserves of various resources and raw materials. Beijing is buying minerals: oil, coal, gas, various metals, including gold, and in large volumes. Western experts, the media and the anti-Chinese public around the world see in this the PRC’s preparation for a possible future conflict - an attempt by the PLA to invade Taiwan, followed by sanctions and confrontation with the United States and its partners.

However, this entire public does not see anything else, or rather, does not want to see. At the same time, China is a gigantic “factory” on a planetary scale, which produces a huge amount of goods from resources purchased all over the world. The resulting profit is so great that the excess foreign currencies have to go somewhere. First, to ensure that foreign exchange does not affect the Chinese yuan and negatively affect the the economy PRC. Secondly, so that it does not lie as a “dead weight”, but is useful for the Celestial Empire. Therefore, the actions of the Chinese authorities and companies seem logical. A war in the Asia-Pacific region is not needed by Beijing, but by Washington, which dreams of getting rid of its main competitor, officially recognized as an enemy.

In this regard, it is not surprising that the recently built storage facilities in China, with a capacity of 31,5 million barrels, are filled with Russian oil, providing additional benefits due to lower prices. Moreover, current estimates indicate that China's strategic oil reserves may exceed similar reserves in the United States. China is also buying up lithium mines (this metal is necessary for batteries) and processing plants around the world. Beijing continues to increase its gold reserves against the backdrop of an escalation of tension artificially created by the United States and its partners, as well as ongoing accusations, including of supporting Russia.

Let us note that large business is better informed than anyone else about what is happening, orients itself and can predict anything. Thus, the American agency Reuters learned that the richest man on the planet, Elon Musk, flew to China “on an unannounced visit.” Allegedly, he wants to discuss with his Chinese “comrades” the deployment of an autopilot program for Tesla cars in China and the possibility of transferring data to the United States. From this we can assume that the entrepreneur does not expect conflict in the foreseeable future.
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    April 28 2024 18: 23
    Apparently, Chinese economists and financiers believe it is better to have warehouses filled with raw materials than gold and foreign currency reserves in Western banks. But here Siluanov and Nabiullina disagree. In their opinion, it is better to give 300 billion to Western “partners” as the most effective way to combat inflation. Here we can agree, there will be no money, and there will be no inflation. So the Chinese are a little smarter, getting rid of American treasuries in advance, even if they buy up raw materials and deposits at a loss.
    1. -4
      April 28 2024 20: 07
      Nabiulin and Siluans have already earned more than the semi-mythical 300 billion allegedly confiscated from rising oil and gold prices. It will take a couple more generations for the “smart” Chinese to get rid of American candy wrappers... well stocked up.
      1. 0
        April 29 2024 22: 06
        (Cat...) But still, 300 billion (300 thousand million US dollars) is a lot of money and very necessary for the development of the Russian economy. According to the decisions of E. Nabiullina and others like them, they disappeared, and what is the punishment for such a crime - no... Irresponsibility and impunity for crimes give rise to further crimes. Tales of extra billions earned to cover up failed actions. According to the article, it seems that the accumulation of resources for future use indicates that the PRC is preparing for a more tense period, with sanctions and other confrontation. A very alarming symptom, because the PRC, without properly calculating, does nothing.
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          April 29 2024 23: 03
          this topic has been painted by economists for fools more than once, but the provocateurs are still itching, everyone is looking for weak-minded people with a short memory to jump around...
          1. -1
            6 May 2024 19: 26
            Correctly noted - it is painted for fools. Read economists Katasonova, M. Delyagin, there is something different there.
            1. 0
              6 May 2024 21: 55
              Should I read Navalny too? laughing
    2. -2
      April 29 2024 05: 12
      Of course, you don’t know that gold and foreign currency reserves were supposed to be stored abroad as a guarantee of fulfillment of contracts under a production sharing agreement, and you also don’t know that they wouldn’t have bought oil and gas from us without this. Well, of course, how do you know? From your couch you can’t see anything other than the obvious, and searching for information is too much work for you. And if you are smarter than Nabiullina and Siluanov, why are you sitting here and making populist comments and not being in the management of some bank or company?! Let me please - the smart and honest will not make it to the top! That's why you have to sit and shit in the comments laughing
      1. -2
        April 29 2024 22: 18
        (Super visor) Don't lie so openly. Gold and foreign exchange reserves are needed in foreign banks for various actions, but they are orders of magnitude less than what was stored... The Central Bank of the Russian Federation is structurally controlled and accountable to the Federal Reserve System, and therefore such actions are to the detriment of the Russian Federation. Savings for decades were stored here, which, in a tense situation, should have been taken out of the control of the US Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank, which has not been done and the funds are still frozen, but in the future they may be requisitioned. This is what the Central Bank of the Russian Federation is accused of not withdrawing in time funds from the control of the Fed into other assets.
        1. The comment was deleted.
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      April 30 2024 01: 40
      Accurate observation! In addition, the dollar is falling, but a bar of aluminum or copper is not!
  2. -1
    April 28 2024 20: 57
    The Chinese are great, not like “our” government and capitalists! All the juice has been drawn and drawn from Russia and the Russians!
    1. -3
      April 29 2024 02: 32
      Listen to the Shaman's songs and shout Goyda
      1. +2
        April 29 2024 09: 11
        Well, maybe I’ll listen to the songs of the Shaman, but better than Tsoi, Kinchev and Vysotsky, and I’ll definitely shout “Hurray” for Victory Day, and not some non-Russian “goyda”, and you, in your slavish frenzy, will still shout: “God, God bless America and Israel!" and "Heil Zelya!"
  3. +6
    April 29 2024 00: 23
    metropolises - resources, neo-colonies - beads and pieces of paper...
    known for a long time
  4. -2
    April 29 2024 02: 33
    China introduced the humanoid robot “Tiangong”, capable of running at a speed of 6 km/h. The innovative robot exactly copies human movements and can walk on any surface without anyone’s help. Who will go to the Shaman's Concert and scream?