Who guards the Internet: is it possible to turn off the Network all over the world at the same time?


The Internet has long become something integral in the life of a modern person. It's hard to imagine that at some point he will simply be gone.

At the same time, you need to understand that the Global Network is not limited to sites from the search engine, social media and funny videos. In addition to the public Internet, there is also the so-called deep Internet, which cannot be accessed from the browser. This segment of the Network is much larger than the one we use every day, and it stores much more valuable information, ranging from medical records to secret intelligence documents.

Finally, there is a segment of the Internet for criminals – DarkNet. Terrible things happen there, so it’s better not to go there. However, fortunately, you cannot get into the “darknet”, as well as into the “deep” Internet, from a regular browser.

In general, today we can say with confidence that the world in which we live will no longer be able to fully exist without the Internet. But is it possible that the “good of civilization” will disappear in one moment? Is it possible to turn off the Internet for the entire planet at the same time?

It’s worth noting right away that this is difficult to pull off today even for one country. In 2011, there was a case when, due to damage to the fiber optic line, parts of Georgia and Armenia were simultaneously deprived of access to the Network. But this is only a special and very rare case.

Today, this is completely unlikely, since, in addition to terrestrial and submarine lines, there is satellite communication. In particular, Elon Musk's Starlink. Yes, such Internet is much more expensive than cable Internet, but it can provide access to the Internet to even the most isolated regions of the planet, as well as provide insurance in case of damage to the fiber optic backbone.

By the way, about the latter. These lines represent a vast Network. Therefore, it will not be possible to cut them off in one place and deprive all the inhabitants of the planet of access to the Internet.

Regarding attempts to destroy all information accumulated on the Internet, such a scenario is also unrealistic. The latter is stored on servers located in 7,5 thousand data centers scattered throughout the planet. The record holder with more than 2,7 thousand such storage facilities is the United States. At the same time, the largest data center is located in China.

Today we can confidently say that it is almost impossible to turn off the Internet for the entire world or even a single country. However, the authorities of some states can partially restrict access for citizens by blocking some “unfriendly” services in their segment, as China did.

Finally, the question remains open: what if someone tries to destroy the Global Network by launching a “terrible virus” into it, or will a catastrophe occur that will cause serious damage to it? In this case, a reboot will be performed, which will bring it back to life again.

This procedure can be performed by seven people, the so-called key custodians. Since 2010, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers has been holding a unique ceremony to gather the aforementioned “guardians” and generate new smart cars for them, allowing them to restart the Network in the event of critical damage.

These seven people are selected from different countries. They are appointed based on work experience and geographic location.

In the event of a disaster or other incident that threatens the Global Network, these people will combine their smart keys and restart the system.

* – the video mentions certain services of the extremist company Meta, recognized in Russia.
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    April 25 2024 10: 15
    Finally, there is a segment of the Internet for criminals – DarkNet. Terrible things happen there, so it’s better not to go there.

    Thank you, I laughed)

    But the essence of the article is that you can turn off the Internet if you try hard enough. Any equipment, including satellites in orbit, is vulnerable to EMP. And if you destroy the point servers, of which there are relatively few (about 200), then the disruption of communication will be so significant that we can safely talk about shutting down the Internet.
    1. -1
      April 25 2024 10: 35
      Quote: sannyhome
      Thanks, laughed

      You obviously think that to commit a crime you need a knife, a revolver, or, in extreme cases, a rope with soap? You are deeply mistaken. In the modern world, digital information crimes and information support for classical crimes are much more dangerous than murder, corruption, etc. These are the tasks that DarkNet performs. You can continue laughing. Just try not to expose your head to falling bricks.
      1. +1
        April 25 2024 10: 53
        Quote: k7k8
        You obviously think

        You obviously like to attribute your thoughts to others. Do not do this. Bad habit.
        The darknet is nothing more than a tool. Like a knife, they can cut bread, but they can also cut people. It all depends on the user. Therefore, it’s very funny to read about what a “terrible thing” this is. laughing
        1. -1
          April 25 2024 11: 48
          Quote: sannyhome
          You obviously like to attribute your thoughts to others

          Not at all. I just paraphrased your words.

          Quote: sannyhome
          The darknet is nothing more than a tool. Like a knife, they can cut bread, but they can also cut people.

          A knife for cutting bread is the Internet, with all its advantages and garbage. But DarkNet is precisely a knife for killing people. Yes, I just put your chaotic thought in order. Don't thank me.
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    April 26 2024 09: 12
    Internet addiction is huge. My power supply failed, and I walked around like a restless person for a whole week. Newspapers and magazines were no longer available in the format in which we received them. They even began to lose the habit of reading books. Audio books are replacing everything. That's why I write with errors. When they talk about Networks, I remember the rhyme - “Daddy, daddy. Our Networks brought in a dead man.”
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    April 26 2024 20: 46
    kill the dns server and fse.internet khan.
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    April 27 2024 04: 06
    Is it possible to turn off electricity to the entire planet?
    Probably possible.
    Is it possible to turn off wired phones everywhere?
    Yes you can.
    Is it possible to close everyone's mouths?
    Yes you can!
    Is it possible to put everyone in prison and force them to march?
    Yes you can! Pol Pot forced all citizens to take off their glasses, leave their homes and work in the rice fields.
    In the evenings marching and singing songs!
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    April 27 2024 22: 49
    The Internet was created as an army system of “cables and servers”, which should perform its functions of communication/data transmission with the destruction of almost half of these servers and cables, i.e. The stability of the Internet is colossal and only local areas that can be quickly restored can be damaged...