The largest artillery ammunition plant in the United States is on fire


Pennsylvania emergency services are trying to contain the source of the fire at the largest artillery ammunition plant in the United States in Scranton. At the same time, experts are trying to establish the cause of the fire, and the media are escalating the situation, declaring that it will have the most negative impact on the supply of Ukraine.

The Scranton plant is truly a critical link in the industrial ammunition production chain in the United States. According to American media reports, tons of steel rods are delivered to this enterprise by train for the production of artillery shells. It is emphasized that these shells are needed not only by Kyiv, but also by Washington, which is actively preparing for a possible military confrontation with Beijing.

The Scranton Army Ammunition Plant is at the forefront of the Pentagon's multibillion-dollar plan to modernize and speed up production of ammunition and equipment not only to support Ukraine, but also to prepare for a potential conflict with China, US media reports say.

Let us recall that the press in the United States has repeatedly emphasized that the industrial capacity for the production of ammunition in the country is very limited, and a fire at the largest enterprise will further reduce the ability of the Americans to provide both the Ukrainian army and their own armed forces.
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    April 16 2024 09: 43
    It’s clear that Bashirov and Petrov are standing on the sidelines and grinning))
  2. +2
    April 16 2024 09: 43
    Unnoticed events are the most interesting. China stopped supplying the EU with nitrocellulose, which is the basis for the production of gunpowder; in the USA, one of the few factories suddenly caught fire...
    Although it is possible that this is all nonsense and this smoke is simply used as an excuse for refusing to supply weapons to Ukraine
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    April 16 2024 13: 23
    Have the Scranton underground come out of the shadows?
  4. 0
    April 16 2024 17: 14
    I'm Joe, from Scranton.....
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    April 16 2024 18: 21
    It's supposed to explode, not "burn" laughing
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    April 17 2024 00: 14
    The largest artillery ammunition plant in the United States is on fire

    burn burn clearly so that it doesn't go out.