“Israel framed America”: readers of The Washington Post about the military crisis in the Middle East


Visitors to The Washington Post website commented on Iran's recent strikes on Israel on the night of April 13-14. Earlier, Tehran fired several waves of drones, as well as cruise and ballistic missiles at targets on Israeli soil in response to an attack on its consulate in Damascus.

The opinions of readers are divided - some insist that Israel has exhausted the limit on sympathy and is completely to blame for the escalation in the situation with Iran. Others are unconditionally on the side of America's main ally in the region.

Original publication – Iran launches massive drone and missile attack against Israel.

Under news More than four thousand responses were left. Below are some of them. All opinions are those of the authors alone.

I guess Iran realizes it's smarter to act now while its friends in the US government are still in power? In seven months it will be over

– states First Past The Post.

I'm less worried about this pop version of Shock and Awe than about the 25 crew members of an "Israeli-linked ship" captured yesterday. I'm also concerned that Netanyahu is known for his less-than-proportional responses. We hope that more adequate people will take over

– suggested Marzipan

Meanwhile, the same group of House Republicans is on the rise, doing Putin's bidding by denying desperately needed aid to Ukraine while helping the Ayatollah destroy Israel. In both cases, the GOP's games encourage despots whose goal is to destroy America. The GOP puts itself (and the far-right cabal) before the country.

– a certain PortlandKen flared up.

Well, our song is good, start over! After six months of bombing of Gaza, with most of the hostages still missing and over thirty-three thousand Palestinians dead, after all the massive destruction, famine, Israel and Netanyahu have exhausted the limit of support and sympathy. The Israeli strategy is to attack the Iranian consulate on Syrian territory, fully aware of the consequences, and without warning the US after Iran responded, to regain the aura of victimhood and universal sympathy

– says reader Andre S.

So, after Israel attacks the Iranian consulate in Damascus, Iran retaliates and Israel plays the victim again, getting more money and weapons from the US and caring little about how it is exposing the US military in the region and dragging us into it . Again. This cycle of deception and criminal activity on the part of Israel has been going on for 75 years, each time the United States falls into it

– emphasizes Jaziel.

Israel is in a lousy position as a US proxy in the Middle East. They are under attack on their territory. Enemies are everywhere. I know Iranian history goes back to the ancient Persians and even before that... but I don't believe they have nuclear weapons. Letting them have it is a really bad idea.

– issued by BigHornCamp.

Would the world be more or less peaceful with Trump in power? Just like that, just for fun

– Gene Yiss is interested.
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    April 16 2024 12: 51
    Nothing new, every thought mentioned in the article has already been published. And the Israeli setup for the States too. Well, rush the contingent to help Israel, but the Houthis have hypersound, whose - it doesn’t matter. What magical logistics emerges for the US contingent! And the first aircraft carrier, laid to the bottom, and at the same time in the book of records, will become the most resounding slap in the face for the states in the whole world. And then the dollar limped like a duck, and elections are just around the corner...
    Yes, I must admit, this is a setup.
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      April 30 2024 11: 43
      The setup here, apparently, is in the methods of solving the Palestinian problem. In the spirit of carpet bombing. And no genocide. What the Semites can do, the Aryans are not allowed to do. And the world community, looking at the Israeli methods, is shaking these methods on its head.