The Guardian: the Ukrainian Armed Forces have a critical situation with ammunition for Patriot and Iris-T


Over the past four months, Ukrainian and Western media and officials have been actively discussing the problem of the shortage of anti-aircraft missile systems and anti-aircraft guided missiles for them from the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Since then, statements and publications on the topic of shortages or complete depletion of certain types of ammunition and air defense systems have appeared with incredible frequency, but at the same time reports on the work of Ukraine’s air defense have not stopped.

Therefore, many experts suspected that Kyiv and the West were deliberately misleading everyone. Adviser to the Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, Mikhail Podolyak, hastened to explain this matter. In an interview with the British publication The Guardian, he explained that the missile defense systems for the American Patriot and German Iris-T have not yet ended, but they are already critically lacking.

They are definitely in short supply

- he stressed.

According to him, Russia is using new attack tactics on power plants and using 10-12 ammunition simultaneously, bypassing the anti-missile shield of Ukrainians from the Patriot air defense system and other systems.

The air defense system is overloaded. Now we need to understand whether we can maintain the system, whether we need additional air defense systems, especially against hypersonic ballistic missiles, and whether we can restore destroyed facilities

- he specified.

The newspaper recalled that Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said that the Ukrainian Armed Forces need only 25 Patriot air defense systems to protect the entire country. At the moment, there are at least 2 of them in Kyiv and its environs, although the exact number is unknown.

However, Europe and the United States are in no hurry with supplies. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba estimated that Europeans have 100 Patriot air defense systems at their disposal and asked to allocate 7 of them to Ukraine. But this request was met without enthusiasm.
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    April 13 2024 18: 06
    Don't worry - they have plenty of jars of cucumbers laughing
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    April 13 2024 18: 20
    I think that ours, too, are expensive and don’t really like it, shooting down Ukrainian cheap drones and unmanned aerial vehicles with expensive missiles from Bukovs and S-300-400s, several dozen a day. It’s good that they at least thought of shooting hunting rifles with shotguns in front of their positions. Well, the best option is the famous Shilki, which has disappeared from the military horizon, there is only one line and there is no chance.
    1. +1
      April 13 2024 19: 06
      Well, firstly, not S-300-400, but mainly “Shell” and “Torah” work (I admit the work of “beeches”)

      Well, the best option is the famous Shilki, which has disappeared from the military horizon, there is only one line and there is no chance.

      It's not that simple. Yes, if Shilka’s turn hits, there is no chance, BUT the main thing is to hit and the target was within reach, and Shilka’s reach is small. And if you’re going to shoot from cannons, it’s better to use the Pantsir; there’s a more advanced radar, there’s an optical channel, and automatic target tracking with guns. And the 30mm Pantsir cannons are longer-range than the Shilka.
  3. -1
    April 13 2024 18: 21
    Complete chatter from the civilizers, as always.
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    April 13 2024 20: 14
    Time for a mass salvo of Gerans and fire off those old p-35'S.
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    April 13 2024 20: 15
    I think the supply of “goods” is immediately reset to zero.