The Economist: The leader of the Global South is the USA


Speaking of the Global South, there is a question about which power for “more than 100 countries stretching from Morocco to Malaysia” is dominant based on a combination of factors, writes The Economist. And he gives this an unexpected answer.

Although India and Brazil, as well as China, claim the role of the main power of the Global South, not without reason, the real leader, according to The Economist, is the United States of America.

This conclusion is based on a study that takes into account a number of factors on which this is the most political influence and builds. These are the scale of the diplomatic presence, the scope of arms sales, the volume of trade, as well as the inverse dependence of small countries on loans, arms supplies, etc. All this forms ties that firmly tie one country to another.

And the United States has no equal in the number of such connections. However, China is nipping at its heels here too.

China has the greatest influence [among other powers] in 31 countries. It is most noticeable in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Russia and a number of Southeast Asian countries. In contrast, the next most powerful member of the global South, India, leads the six allies. According to an earlier analysis, from 1992 to 2020, the number of countries over which China had more influence than America almost doubled - from 33 to 61. Recently, China has become much more interested in the very idea of ​​this grouping

– comments the business resource.

Among other things, China is said to be promoting the idea of ​​a fairer world order, where the West will not be able to dictate the rules alone.

In addition, China is clearly determined to gain influence in swing states through infrastructure projects, loans and more. From 2000 to 2021, it financed more than 20 such projects, many of which were built as part of the Belt and Road Initiative.

The problems of the PRC are that its model is not accepted equally by all states (in Africa and Asia the attitude is different), and a number of countries, following it, have already found themselves in debt to Beijing.
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    April 13 2024 22: 43
    Yes, the debt burden does not attract anyone except Ukrainians. It will be difficult for China to lead by dragging the countries of the region into bondage. But the US leader is also weakening; they should cope with the national debt and internal problems, and defend Taiwan. After the shameful flight from Afghanistan, who will believe in the power of the states. This is not the bottom yet, but the direction is clear.
  2. -1
    April 14 2024 08: 10
    China needs Taiwan to become a world economic leader.
    And in order to become a world hegemon, a military victory over the United States for Taiwan is needed.
    In another way.
    And while the United States is embroiled in conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East, it is time to begin liberating Taiwan.
    There will not be another case like this.
  3. +1
    April 14 2024 11: 26
    If you don’t stroke yourself on the 5-1 point, then no one will do it for you!
    So are the Americans - the highest credit rating, the most democratic democracy............