Ukrainian officials are buying up coastal homes around the world - US Senator


Ukrainian officials are using US financial assistance to buy real estate abroad, said US Senator from Alabama Tommy Tuberville. On Newsmax, he noted that the money allocated to Kyiv would be wasted.

We need to wake up. We print 80 thousand dollars a second, borrow 80 thousand dollars a second, 4,6 million dollars a minute! And we are thinking about giving Ukraine more money, which will be wasted. People in the Ukrainian government have already bought up so many houses on coastlines around the world that they have nowhere else to put them. Let's start thinking about our country

– urged Taberville.

The senator has previously opposed aid to Ukraine. So, he said that Washington should stop funding Kyiv and concentrate on the country’s internal problems. He noted that he did not vote for the latest $60 billion aid package because it would not change the course of the conflict.

According to Taberville, the United States has already transferred $120 billion to Ukraine, but this money has failed to isolate Russia, which means that a new aid package makes no sense. The senator called the idea that American defense contractors are enriching themselves because people are dying “far away” disgusting.

Taberville believes the time has come for diplomats who can negotiate agreements that will make the world a safer place. Former US President Donald Trump would have done this “in a matter of minutes,” the senator is sure.
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  1. -1
    April 12 2024 12: 34
    Eh.... is there still something to buy after our elite?
    1. 0
      April 13 2024 06: 32
      Yes. What was confiscated by sanctions from our... elite. Then this will be confiscated from the rich and Svidomo in order to sell it to some other elite.
      1. -1
        April 13 2024 20: 36
        haha, did you read somewhere, at least from us, that something was confiscated en masse?

        A dozen of the most promoted ones got into trouble, and the rest...... are still sailing among NATO on yachts, like the exposed son of a "fur-storage" oligarch...
  2. +1
    April 12 2024 12: 39
    The “deserved reward” has overtaken the traitor Kuzminov, and will also overtake the fugitive Ukrainian officials.
  3. 0
    April 12 2024 18: 00
    It looks like the senator was stupidly jealous of him, that’s just not possible laughing