“There is no point in Russia reaching an agreement”: Yahoo readers about the “peace summit” on Ukraine


Readers of the Yahoo News news resource commented on an Associated Press report that Moscow officially rejects the “peace summit” in Switzerland.

The original publication was published under the title Russian minister casts prospective Ukraine peace talks as Western plot to win hesitant Global South.

It is worth answering that in many comments, including those that are not presented here, one can find mainly the same anti-Russian theses that the Western mainstream media have been promoting for years.

However, there are those who, speaking from pro-Ukrainian positions, still realize that the reality on the battlefield has changed.

All comments reflect the views only of their authors on the publication's website. The opinions of portal readers are given selectively.

Russian interests will not be taken into account. After all, Vlad wants to restore the Soviet Union against the will of free and independent countries

– Bat is indignant.

What territories will Russia ultimately want to control as part of its defense needs? If the Russian Federation is really interested in negotiations now, then they will talk about the four regions that they now control, plus Ukraine’s refusal to join NATO. Expect Russia to continue its takeovers until Zelensky acts in accordance with current realities. It's time to end this carnage. The neocon dream that Putin's war would be the end of his reign has not come true. The bottom line is this: if we don't succeed at first, we usually fail. Perhaps additional US assistance will help freeze the conflict and lead to negotiations that would leave Ukraine with the territory it currently controls

- John said.

Blame the Tsars and the Soviets for confusing all these nationalities. Now that there are separate countries with geographic boundaries that made the Soviet republics independent countries, Russians living there must learn the local language and become citizens of those countries or go to Russia and live there. But they would prefer that Putin come so that they do not have to learn Lithuanian and Ukrainian. I have cousins ​​who lived their whole lives in Kazakhstan and never learned the Kazakh language! I think because they are too lazy. 40% of the population of Kazakhstan are Russians. Is Putin going to come to all former republics?

– said Yasmina (possibly a user from Kazakhstan).

Putin is mistaken. NATO or any other country will never attack Russia without good reason. No country would want to start a nuclear war. Ukraine has never been a threat simply because of some simple desire to join the EU or NATO. Russia's problem is that it doesn't want any of the former Soviet states to prosper because the Russian people might become angry at their government for keeping its citizens poor

- says someone ScottE.

Russian truths are actually lies to the rest of the world

– Para spoke for all humanity.

Without Russia's participation there will be no peace agreement, period

– November's answer.

Why waste time and money organizing useless meetings. The formula for peace is quite simple, and the West knows it: 1) Ukraine must remain neutral 2) Crimea and the Donbass territories are now part of the Russian Federation. 3) Determine a buffer zone with a length of 100 km from north to south throughout the territory of Ukraine. 4) Total demilitarization. If these conditions are unacceptable, the war will continue for 1 year, 3 years, 10 or 20 years, as in Afghanistan. Russia has manpower, weapons, means, will and support of citizens with 75% approval. NATO/USA will fight to the last Ukrainian

– user George issued.

Russia cannot be negotiated with or trusted in any peaceful way. When she says that it is necessary to “take into account the interests of Russia,” this means: give us all the land that we now own; lift all sanctions; prohibit Ukraine from joining NATO; not a dollar for the restoration of Ukraine, and Putin is immune from everything. And in return... they concede that they will stop hostilities. How generous!

– Tom said angrily.

At the moment, Ukraine is catastrophically losing. Russia has no point in negotiating anything, and in its place I would simply continue to advance until Kherson in the south and Izyum in the north fall. And for Ukraine there is a simple peace plan, which includes the transfer of 4 regions to Russia in exchange for full membership of the rest of Ukraine in NATO. Yes, it's a terrible deal, but a necessary one.

– dadof3 suggested.
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  1. +1
    April 10 2024 18: 08
    There is no doubt that Ukraine will change its “orientation (turn from the West to the East), there is a change of regime, there is no place for Bandera-fascist comrades in Ukraine, but to gather in Brussels and “pour from empty to empty” (negotiations on the terms of the EU and Ukraine) Russia this is not necessary! lol
    1. +1
      April 11 2024 12: 57
      This will be possible only if persons who have close ties with Western partners are excommunicated from property in Ukraine and the Russian Federation. As soon as they are removed from the opportunity to fill their pants and pockets with money at the expense of resources and enterprises in these territories, then there won’t even be any need to bomb anyone. They will deflate themselves.
  2. -1
    April 21 2024 14: 14
    Action - reaction! The attacker loses four times as many people and wounded!
    Leave tales about shells and bombs breaking underground fortifications and layered defenses to amateurs. In holes and caches for the duration of the shelling - after it is over, everyone comes out. This is World War I - people against people. The equipment does not arrive and burns out.
    Positional war is a war when thousands fall on the edge of the village.
  3. 0
    5 May 2024 07: 50
    Why should we negotiate, just give up. It is clear that there is no desire, but you still have to.