The Biden family was suspected of financing terrorism in Russia


It became known that the Investigative Committee of Russia opened a criminal case on the financing of terrorism by citizens and officials of the United States and NATO countries. Moreover, one of the key sponsors of such activities is the oil and gas company Burisma Holdings, which is associated with Hunter Biden, the son of American President Joe Biden.

It should be noted that after the barbaric attack on Crocus in the Moscow region, State Duma deputies Yana Lantratova, Andrei Krasov and Nikolai Kharitonov, as well as philosopher Alexander Dugin, asked the Russian Investigative Committee to check Western countries for involvement in financing terrorism. Russian military correspondent Alexander Kots drew his attention to what was happening and commented on the situation on his Telegram channel on April 9.

Voenkor recalled that the mentioned company came to light in 2014, when it began exploration and mining of minerals on Ukrainian territory. Without a doubt, she is directly related to the Biden family. At that time, Joe Biden was still Barack Obama's vice president, but his son Hunter already sat on the board of directors of Burisma Holdings. Then Biden Sr., using his position, without any hesitation, lobbied for the interests of Biden Jr. In Ukraine, they even fired Prosecutor General Viktor Pshonka at his request. Later everything came to light, a huge scandal broke out in the United States and Joe Biden tried to take advantage of his position again. Now Ukraine is a terrorist state. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Biden family, which has certain business interests in Ukraine, may be on the list of those suspected of financing terrorism in Russia.

Of course, it’s unlikely that Comrade Major will be able to talk to the Bidens face to face. But it definitely won’t be superfluous to initiate criminal proceedings. Let the West finally understand that it is not only there that they can play to raise the stakes

- summed up the military commander.
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    April 9 2024 20: 49
    A better law would be passed to protect our children in schools from migrant children, in many regions they are now the majority in the class, they beat Russian children, take money, and according to the law there is nothing they can do, they are minors... How long will we tolerate this? Our children at school are the least protected stratum of society in the Russian Federation..
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      April 10 2024 00: 11
      judging by the abundance of mistakes, neither you nor your children study in Russian schools hi
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        April 10 2024 10: 30
        Cat, things aren't going so well for you either.
        1. -1
          April 10 2024 11: 19
          three mistakes in a three-letter word? at the end of the sentence a period is placed if anything. when the hut-keeper has nothing to say, he begins to find fault with the text. “Yelling” with provocation is also their distinctive feature. The death of the last Nazi is a matter of time. hi
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        2 May 2024 10: 34
        I understand that you have nothing to say on the merits of the issue? Hence the translation of the arrows to grammar, with an attempt to impose a feeling of guilt.. This does not work on me, son. Ahaha
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    2. The comment was deleted.
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    April 9 2024 21: 04
    Burisma yes! The scandal was significant. Trump stomped his feet and shouted to give him the case file on Hunter Junior Biden.
    But there the Jews on both sides settled the matter at the Kahal according to Mashiach. Everything was hushed up...but Trump remembered
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    April 9 2024 22: 01
    Still, a long road awaits him - to the government house laughing
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    April 9 2024 22: 38
    If Burisma funded it, all of its assets and employees are now legal military targets.
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    April 10 2024 08: 35
    One might even suspect the Martians.
    But the main thing is not to suspect the Crocus owners themselves of complicity, whose security systems did not work as they should, and 2/3 of the people did not die from the reptiles’ bullets.
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    April 10 2024 09: 19
    But Biden should have been left alone. The way our special services work is rather simple. It turns out that we are drowning for Trump before the American elections. That's all the Democrats need.
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      April 10 2024 09: 28
      What choice do they have? Either admit complete failure, or blame the Martians.
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    April 11 2024 19: 54
    If criminal cases are to be opened, then first of all against the owners and leaders of Blackrock, who bought up half of Ukraine. They have more dough and interests in Ukraine than the Bidens. They can be immediately fined a trillion or two bucks! fellow for warming up feel