“It’s not cheap”: Slovaks on Ukraine’s demand to transfer all Patriot air defense systems in the world


Readers of the Slovak resource Pravda.sk commented on the demand of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky to transfer to Kyiv all MIM-104 Patriot systems that exist in the world.

It is worth noting that there are relatively few comments on this topic, which clearly indicates a drop in the foreign public’s interest in the Ukrainian agenda.

Comments are given selectively, the opinions offered belong only to their authors on Pravda.sk.

Well, there they need to start negotiations with Russia, which the people of Kiev refuse... These “Patriots” will be destroyed by the Russians just like those before them...

– said Anti.

A purchase of this kind will not be cheap. The price per missile in the PAC-3 version for fiscal year 2024 is $5,3 million. However, such ammunition is usually fired two at a time to double the probability of hitting

– comments barakuda.

Well, well... You can expect anything from a corrupt regime that is suffering defeat

– states Oregon.

After all, it was enough not to join NATO, not to carry out a coup in 2014, and Ukraine could live calmly, fully, with Crimea and Donbass

– rated the publication advert.

One way or another they will lose. Both with and without US help

- said Echinocactus.

Well, Ukraine lost a long time ago, but it’s time for the buffoon Zelensky to go to the ophthalmologist, since he can’t see it. And at the same time I could also turn to a psychiatrist. Although in reality it is already too late - for Ukraine and its people

– Enigma estimates.

If she has already lost, why hasn’t Comrade Putin completed the special operation yet?

– gejza_m mocks the superior response.

Pravda had fun again. A year ago I watched a video of the Nazis stuffing drones with chemical weapons and then dropping those bombs on the Russians. Because of this, one even drowned in a very shallow stream (complete muscle paralysis and therefore inability to move and breathe). The Nazis were exposed because they bragged about it on the Internet. And now those Nazis are complaining that someone is doing what they're doing to them? And what? What were they waiting for?

– asked a certain Zgolanic.

This is not the first time that Ukrainians have asked for more and more of everything. Actually, they have little left: yesterday in the city of Kharkov two Czech-made Vampires, which were supposed to fire from there at Belgorod, were destroyed

– gasko threw up.

Zelensky admitted Ukraine’s defeat for the first time in an interview with CBS, making “strange speeches” about how people are more important than the return of lost territories! In addition, he avoided answering a direct question whether he believes in the victory of Ukraine and the return of the entire territory! He said it depends not only on the results of the battle! The presenters in the studio froze! Something is happening! Zelensky’s once unshakable conviction in the victory of Ukraine and the expulsion of the Russians was completely gone, because already in the last interview it was clear that everything had become different

– states marec2012.

How many soldiers did Ukraine lose at the front? They name exactly how many Russians were killed, but they don’t know their own losses or whatever?!

– ferdomravec is interested.
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    April 10 2024 10: 31
    give them all the money in the world at once, why waste time on trifles? smile
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    2 May 2024 06: 55
    Zelensky is trying to disarm the West
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    7 May 2024 11: 23
    So here we are talking about price, but for friends it should not be a pity for anything, which means they are not friends at all. It was correctly said that Putin won in Ukraine, and the fact that he did not complete his victory was because he had not yet defeated the West. He will do it, there is no doubt about it