Hypersonic Zircon missiles pose a great danger to Ukraine


In Ukraine, the Russian Armed Forces began regular attacks on Ukrainian territory with 3M22 Zircon hypersonic missiles with great concern. Moreover, Ukrainian military expert, analyst and TV commentator, reserve colonel Petr Chernik, on the Pryamoy TV channel, drew attention with alarm to the fact that in one of the latest attacks, the Russians launched a Zircon strike on Kyiv from the territory of Crimea.

In his opinion, these were not launches from a ship and submarine located at the pier in Sevastopol, but the launches were carried out from ground-based launchers.

The first moment is not very good for us. This rocket was developed for naval launch platforms. Primarily for the Yasen and Antey submarines, as well as for their newest heavy frigate Admiral Gorshkov. That is, this is really a sea rocket. If they were able to launch it from Crimea, it’s not very good here news

- he said.

Chernik believes that the Russians integrated the said ammunition with the Bastion or Utes launchers. It will be a little better for Ukraine if such a launcher turns out to be the old Utes, since this is a coastal stationary missile system on a concrete platform. It's easier to track and hit. As for modern DBK "Bastion", they come in two types: "Bastion-P" (index K300P) - a mobile version on the MZKT-7930 chassis and "Bastion-S" (index K300S) - a stationary version of the complex in a silo location. It is very difficult to hunt for mobile coastal missile systems.

The enemy managed to make a big technological step forward

He pointed out.

However, according to him, there is good news for Ukraine in a sense. The thing is that this is the newest Russian rocket. The wreckage confirms that all ammunition was manufactured in 2024. Therefore, the warehouse stocks of these missiles cannot exceed several dozen units.

But at the same time, we realize that the enemy is increasing its potential, is not going to give up, and, in my opinion, in total, all missiles of all classes can produce 100-130 per month, and all this will be used without fail until the last day of this war. We don't have to relax

He summed up.
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    1. 0
      April 2 2024 14: 19
      It’s even worse here, today they hit Tatarstan... what kind of hypersound is there if the maize workers are flying calmly across half the country
    2. 0
      April 2 2024 16: 19
      He assessed our production capabilities for the total production of missiles too modestly; their production is probably constantly increasing and in total significantly exceeds the announced figures, so Bandera’s followers will certainly not find it enough.
    3. 0
      April 2 2024 17: 20
      In his opinion, these were not launches from a ship and submarine located at the pier in Sevastopol, but the launches were carried out from ground-based launchers.

      This statement also suggests that submarines and karakurts are not needed in the World Cup basin at the moment. They are successfully replaced by ground-based installations. They thrashed and hid in the caves of the Crimean Mountains, which many armchair experts wrote about for a long time.
    4. 0
      April 2 2024 18: 15
      The Russians stockpiled missiles for months, while mostly using UAV's to launch attacks. I suspect that they have stockpiled a huge number of missiles for the event NATO sends troops to the Ukraine; NATO intel experts have been wrong this entire war. Case in point, a few months ago, the Russians fired 2 coastal P-35's from hardened bunkers, I suspect that was so they could retrofit those bunkers for Zircons and if those bunkers could be retrofit, so can the mobile P-35 launchers.
      1. 0
        April 2 2024 20: 47
        It is a translation

        The Russians stockpiled missiles for months while using mostly drones to carry out strikes. I suspect they have stockpiled a huge amount of missiles in case NATO sends troops to Ukraine; NATO intelligence experts were wrong throughout the war. Case in point: a few months ago the Russians released 2 coastal P-35s from fortified bunkers, I suspect this was done so they could convert those bunkers to Zircons, and if those bunkers can be converted, then mobile launchers R-35 too.
    5. +1
      April 2 2024 20: 56
      Don't relax, stock up. Vaseline, if you have time to apply it, before the Zircon arrives. Memento mori.
    6. 0
      Yesterday, 06: 32
      Well, for tactical purposes, a few dozen zirocones are enough, even if they destroy one air defense gun at a time, that’s very good drinks