Iran officially promised Israel a tough response for the death of three IRGC generals


Iran's ambassador to Damascus has officially stated that Tehran's response to the attack on the diplomatic mission in Damascus, which killed senior IRGC officers, "will be decisive." The diplomat added that attacks on the embassy are contrary to international law.

With particular cruelty, contrary to all international conventions, they attacked my home, the consular section of the embassy, ​​as well as official military installations of Iran. We will strike back at a time convenient for us

– says the message from the Iranian ambassador to Syria.

The UN has already expressed concern about Israel's attack on the diplomatic mission.

Israel, in turn, is increasing security at its diplomatic missions as it recognizes the possibility that Iran will try to respond to the killing by attacking an Israeli diplomatic mission abroad.

Let us recall that as a result of a missile attack by the Israeli Air Force on the Iranian Consulate in Syria, killed Commander of the Quds Force, Mohammad Reza Zahedi. This is the highest-ranking IRGC general eliminated by Israel during the entire confrontation with Tehran.

According to Arab media, three IRGC generals were killed as a result of a missile landing on the consulate building. In addition to Mohammad Reza Zahedi, the list of those killed includes Brigadier General Hossein Aminollah and General Haj Rahimi. All officers oversaw the operations of Iranian proxy forces in Lebanon and Syria.
  • Sarallah Ankouti/
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  1. +3
    April 1 2024 21: 32
    Apparently the descendants of Moses decided to perish after all, now forever...
    1. +6
      April 1 2024 21: 49
      Nothing will happen. What is it like for the first time? It has already happened more than once. Now the Iranians will shout a lot and loudly. Then they will hang red banners of revenge, then their anger will reach its climax, they will set fire to the hay barn. Then they will all calm down and forget everything. Until next time. To answer, you must at least find courage somewhere, at least a little. Israel understands very well that Iran is a coward and is becoming impudent, knowing that absolutely nothing will happen.
    2. -2
      April 1 2024 23: 41
      Rolling Stones also has a Jewish region, so there is somewhere to disappear
  2. +1
    April 1 2024 21: 52
    Everyone is threatening, no, they would do something, at least once, at least something tongue
  3. +6
    April 1 2024 21: 55
    Iran officially promised Israel a tough response for the death of three IRGC generals

    It's always easier to promise than to do. Most likely they will just wipe it off and swallow it. As has happened more than once. For some reason, no one wants to fight with Israel now. The helplessness of the Syrian air defense is also surprising. It seems like we supplied them with shells and S-300s and beeches with tori, but they couldn’t even defend Damascus. Only our IL-20s are capable of shooting down.
  4. 0
    April 1 2024 21: 55
    à la guerre comme à la guerre.
  5. 0
    April 1 2024 23: 10
    Israel has crossed all borders. This is a diplomatic mission in another country. And they have not declared war. But so far they have tried “not to show up for war.” Well, what will be the answer?
  6. -7
    April 1 2024 23: 57
    If we strangle Ukraine, they will also take on Israel.
  7. -2
    April 2 2024 00: 07
    This is a provocation, a deliberate challenge, and Iran needs to respond.
  8. +3
    April 2 2024 00: 43
    It just doesn't happen that way. This is a joint strike by the USA, Great Britain and Israel. The issue is not Iran's weakness, but its lack of determination. Iran hopes that the United States will lift sanctions and is always waiting for this. Hence the unclear policy regarding the SVO in Ukraine. This is approximately how the Russian authorities are waiting for NATO’s blessing to return to the “holy times.” The DPRK has long understood that it is possible to speak with NATO and its satellites only from a position of strength and no compromises.
  9. +1
    April 2 2024 05: 49
    Iran will not respond. He only knows how to answer with words. Cowardly country. No one stood up for Gaza. They swallowed everything silently.
  10. 0
    April 2 2024 07: 28
    Either there will be nothing, or they will limit themselves to a symbolic gesture, such as shelling an empty Jewish barn.
  11. 0
    April 2 2024 08: 01
    It is not a crime to take civilian lives in Tel-Aviv (since IDF killed 32,000 Palestenian civilians). Only constant and severe bombing in Tel-Aviv, may solve the "israeli', problem. A joint and co-ordinated operation from Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Iraq and Yemen are needed - supported by Russia, China and South Africa + like minded islamic countries. In 2024, Israel must be finished forever. The death of Israel will cripple USA. Otherwise, our childrens and grandchildren will suffer.
    1. 0
      April 2 2024 14: 37
      Well stated!
  12. 0
    April 2 2024 08: 22
    Israel's madness and courage will lead it to the terminal stage of the state. And this at a time when the main ally, the United States, is deprived of the opportunity to support Israel by all means, as it was before.
    By opening Pandora's box, Israel made attacks on any of its embassies and representative offices possible and even legitimate.
  13. +2
    April 2 2024 14: 53
    They say they went to trash Jews in October last year. Really, don’t be a badass....
  14. +1
    April 2 2024 17: 37
    If you have even the current strong Russian Federation behind you, you’ll really think ten times about whether it’s worth getting involved.
  15. 0
    April 2 2024 20: 04
    Still chatter, I'm waiting for real answers!!!
  16. 0
    April 3 2024 00: 09
    Iran is terrible in its anger...

    - As always .
  17. 0
    April 3 2024 16: 35
    Promising does not mean getting married. They'll wipe themselves off, they'll take us as an example