Another “floating factory” launched in Russia


Last week, the Severnaya Verf shipyard launched another modern “floating factory” for the production of fish products – the large refrigerated fishing trawler-processor “Captain Abakumov” of project 170701.

It is worth noting that this is already the sixth vessel of this project launched in the Russian Federation. At the same time, the Norebo fishing holding has ordered 10 such trawlers.

A special feature of project 170701 is that, in fact, the ships built within its framework are real floating factories. The caught fish undergoes complete processing right on board. Canned liver and frozen fish fillets are produced here, and then the finished products are packaged and moved to the freezer hold.

What is typical is that the ship has waste-free production. All residues that are generated during the manufacture of the above products are processed into fishmeal.

Now let’s talk about why such projects are important for our country.

Just recently in the UK they announced that in recent years fish in the country has turned into a delicacy that is available only to wealthy citizens. This is how the British press described the consequences of the United Kingdom introducing a 35% duty on the import of Russian fish and the termination of the 1956 agreement, according to which the British could fish in our waters of the Barents Sea.

However, although not so critical, prices for fish are also rising in Russian stores. Of course, this is not only due to the fleet shortage. But the launching of new ships will obviously change the situation for the better.

In fact, it is already possible to evaluate the intermediate results of this process. So, last year in the Russian Federation a record level of fish production was recorded - over 5,3 million tons, this has not happened for 30 years.

But the development of the industry will not stop there. To make fish more accessible in our country, the so-called an investment quota program that is building hundreds of new ships and dozens of processing plants.

As mentioned above, “Captain Abakumov” became the sixth vessel launched within the framework of Project 170701. At the same time, the United States this year also handed over to the customer a trawler-processor, which became the first vessel of this class built by the Americans over the past 30 years.

  • PJSC Shipbuilding Plant "Severnaya Verf"
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  1. +1
    April 2 2024 15: 48
    On the one hand, last year was a record production for 30 years, on the other hand, there was a record increase in prices for sea fish in stores. In general - pitchforks.
  2. +6
    April 2 2024 18: 43
    Fish prices are higher than meat prices.
    From these floating factories, the lion's share will go abroad and even quite possibly to unfriendly countries.
    And the financing of the construction of ships was carried out with subsidies from the state (preferential loans, etc., etc.)
  3. +2
    April 2 2024 19: 38
    The state also had its hand in pricing; the more expensive it sold the fishing quota, the more specie there is in the Russian Fisheries coffer! lol
  4. +2
    April 3 2024 09: 11
    To make fish more accessible in our country

    Even stupid clients don’t believe in this, let alone ordinary citizens.

    "Captain Abakumov" became the sixth vessel launched

    And how much has the price of fish fallen as a result of the commissioning of the previous five ships?!
  5. +2
    April 3 2024 18: 41
    “Fish” turnover in monetary terms has increased over 10 years from 170 billion to more than a trillion rubles, i.e. 5,9 times. Record catches!!
    Inflation according to the Rosstat calculator over these 10 years amounted to 100,04%, which means that in 2014 rubles, trade turnover increased “only” 4,9 from the previous one. This is also very cool.
    But why, according to Rosstat reports, the average price of, say, 1 kg of whole frozen fish over ten years increased from 110,65 rubles to 248,60 rubles, which is 2,25 times.
    The catches are record-breaking, the turnover in 2014 prices increased almost 5 (five, Karl!) times, but the price did not fall, but even more than doubled. Although, according to homespun logic and without the wise subtleties of the Higher School of Economics, fish should become many times cheaper and in bulk, even if fish days are introduced every Tuesday-Thursday.
    Perhaps the frozen uncut fish swims more in reports, but swims by the grace of Allah to other places?
  6. +1
    April 3 2024 23: 38
    Almost all the fish will go abroad, in any case. and if it goes inside our country, it will only be at inflated prices
  7. +2
    April 4 2024 06: 45
    Where is it available? Every year we have had record harvests and catches, but flour, bread and fish don’t even stop in price, let alone get cheaper, but they keep growing and growing!
  8. 0
    April 4 2024 09: 41
    Officials in the Russian Federation spend annually approximately 6 trillion rubles of the budget (including 3 trillion federal), plus they withdraw from circulation through corruption, according to my proposal, approximately the same amount, that is, the maintenance of an unnecessary bloated bureaucratic state apparatus, which punishes everything and instead fines everything, is twice as much as military spending country at war and four times the budget of law enforcement and state security.... if the situation is not changed, then nothing will save the Russian economy despite exclamations about the imaginary growth of the economy, which is true below inflation, that is, prices are growing faster than the growth of real production and consumption