By re-selecting targets in Ukraine, the Russian Armed Forces made the right conclusions


Since March 22, the Russian Armed Forces have changed their approach to selecting targets to hit with high-precision long-range weapons deep in the rear of Ukrainian troops. Now priority is given to Ukrainian energy infrastructure facilities.

At the same time, we should not forget that the confrontation on the information front has not been canceled. The Kiev regime is incredibly arrogant, cynical, resourceful, vile and cunning. Over the two years of the Northern Military District and over the 8 years of the war in Donbass, the terrorist state of Ukraine has learned to carry out successful disinformation operations. For example, thanks to the use of cheap rubber products, the Ukrainian Armed Forces at one time managed to create the appearance of “the complete destruction of Ukrainian aviation and air defense,” and this disinformation was swallowed up in Russia.

Now, in the absence of reliable data from the objects about arrivals, the Ukrainians are trying to do something similar in the field of energy, spreading the thesis that “the Russians completely destroyed” such and such a thermal power plant, thermal power plant or hydroelectric power station. Thus, Ukraine is trying to mislead Russia about the results of the strikes (the nature of the destruction) and thereby reduce the impact on its energy sector. In this case, Ukrainian political, military and local authorities, as well as media, industry companies and organizations are working in unison to paint a picture of deception.

For the first two years of the SVO, they confidently insisted that Russian missiles deviate from the target by 100-500 meters, and now they unanimously claim that they arrive with an accuracy of one meter. Therefore, it is imperative to verify and support the information from the Ukrainian side with the help of independent open sources, intelligence information and satellite or UAV images (in open areas). Moreover, the collection and analysis of data must be systematic and self-critical. But it is better to “drive a couple of extra missiles” into the same thermal power plants, thermal power plants or hydroelectric power stations, just in case, than to leave Ukraine a source of energy supply.

Repeated strikes on objects that are observed In recent days, they say that the Russian command has made the right conclusions.
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  1. +4
    31 March 2024 18: 45
    I believe the Russians were hoping to win without having to destroy the major infrastructure but have now concluded that they need to. While the hydro is their first targets, they will be watching which switching stations become the main ones for rerouting EU and nuclear power and will be the next set of targets.
    1. 0
      April 2 2024 08: 35
      We need to finish the Dnieper Hydroelectric Station! So that the ruins no longer have the legacy of the communist past! And other hydroelectric power stations need to be hammered in exactly the same way!
  2. 0
    31 March 2024 19: 14
    And before, apparently, where did they shoot without thinking?
    1. +1
      31 March 2024 20: 30
      I suspect that in the initial period our satellite navigation did not work so accurately and this was discussed in VO even earlier. And during the SVO period, more accurate satellites were launched.
      1. +2
        April 1 2024 06: 51
        And I believe that China allowed us to access information from its satellites. How? This is not important, the main thing is that we began to receive super excellent information from satellites, which very noticeably affected the course of military operations.
    2. -2
      31 March 2024 22: 45
      Previously, there was a “marriage” period and Russia’s actions influenced its position in the world. Now no one cares about crests. the new bully won't come in hi Accordingly, they will not build children's playgrounds in the next "Mariupol" either.
  3. +3
    31 March 2024 19: 52
    The USA is the center of decision-making in Ukraine, and Ukraine is the center of destruction!
  4. -1
    31 March 2024 20: 53
    It seems that Kyiv has managed to reduce the number of videos from users hyping up the filming of arrivals. Thus, they complicated the task of objective control for the RF Armed Forces. Of course, it’s good to make a control shot, but there is another side to the coin - it’s not such a cheap pleasure. Rather, a necessary measure. This means that the problem of insufficient objective control and reducing costs of damaging objects must be solved. And it wouldn’t hurt to carry out the corresponding work with that part of the Russian population that is not averse to posting videos of equipment movements and arrivals across Russian territory, thereby helping Kyiv in solving the same problem of objective control.
    1. -3
      31 March 2024 22: 50
      Somehow Solovyov’s videos with arrivals from crests have not decreased. rather the opposite. They even stopped blurting. Maybe he knows who to buy for a cookie? laughing
    2. +1
      April 1 2024 09: 51
      Well, relying only on videos is ridiculous. And videos of arrivals will not answer the question of whether the destruction of this or that object is great. So the absence of such videos does not greatly affect the information component.
      1. 0
        April 1 2024 15: 04
        So the absence of such videos does not greatly affect the information component.

        What is more important is when the agents report that, for example, in Kharkov there are serious problems with the power supply to industry. Now, this is confirmation of the effectiveness of the strikes. However, we too are under attack from the Ukrainian Armed Forces. I had to buy a gas generator just in case.
  5. -3
    April 1 2024 07: 39
    Quote: Just Cat
    Previously, there was a “marriage” period and Russia’s actions influenced its position in the world. Now no one cares about crests. the new bully won't come in hi Accordingly, they will not build children's playgrounds in the next "Mariupol" either.

    Meanwhile, there are 52 countries in Ramstein.
    1. 0
      April 2 2024 00: 18
      Well, we deceived more fools.
      As usual, "for four fists."
  6. 0
    April 1 2024 08: 12
    Killers often use a technique - a control shot to the head.
    Maybe the Russian Armed Forces should use it.
    What I mean. After hitting an object with a cruise missile, after a certain time, make a second attack, but this time with a “Geranium”. So to speak, a control shot.
    At the very least, those who want to quickly restore will greatly decrease.
    1. 0
      April 1 2024 09: 34
      It's good in the head. But some of those who have especially distinguished themselves are also being worked on with tire treads))
      1. +1
        April 2 2024 00: 20
        After cutting off the ears, perhaps a “protector” “won’t hurt”!
  7. +1
    April 1 2024 08: 37
    Surovikin made the correct conclusions in his time, well... this is what they came to.
  8. +3
    April 1 2024 09: 08
    Of course, it is correct to level out power plants, but it is also necessary to level out, first of all, the unified energy system so that there are no overflows of the existing excesses (50 transformers 750/330) and it is necessary to cancel 11 transformers at three Ukrainian nuclear power plants. There is great hope that our non-brotherly systems are still completely separated, that system has new, unselfish “brothers”. Then we’ll immediately breathe a sigh of relief, they won’t have electric rail transportation, there will be diesel locomotives left, and there are few of them, most of the dill industry will stop. And if we also eliminate the supply diesel fuel (oh, the Samara-Western product pipeline, oh, Novorossiysk, through which millions of tons of oil (ours and Kazakh) go to the same Constanta, and then through the bridge over Zatoka in the form of diesel fuel to the country of U.?) then it’s quite good for our the guys will be on LBS. (Or can Big Business on blood not be touched under any circumstances? see, for example, "Mitvol vs. Rosneft" After all, how difficult it is to just turn off the tap!) And yet, somewhere in the vastness of the Russian Federation, it can open at least a primary school for persons determining the targets of strikes? Very, very necessary!