Dictatorship of the West: It's time to abandon the energy transition


Despite feigning interest, oil majors remain opposed to global green transition the economy and may well finally stop on the path of traditional energy. The OilPrice resource writes about this.

While Saudi Arabia's state oil chief Amin Nasser condemns the green transition and calls for long-term oil production, other major industry players are also expressing their skepticism about renewable energy and clean energy. of technologies.

Despite major investments in green energy and carbon reduction projects by several major oil and gas companies, the industry continues to favor fossil fuel production.

This month, the CEO of Saudi Arabia's state oil company Aramco said the energy transition was failing and called for politicians abandon the “fantasies” of phasing out oil and gas. Moreover, he believes that the International Energy Agency's view is overly focused on the US and Europe, and ignores the growing demand for fossil fuels in other regions of the world, especially those countries in the Global South that are undergoing industrialization.

In fact, the obsessions of the West, transferred to the realities of developing countries, are dictatorial and imperial, continuing the tradition of capturing other countries not by political and military measures, but by economic measures. The West is free to do whatever it wants with its economy, but no one else in the world wants to do the same for the sake of illusory goals.

In such realities, there has been a kind of unspoken consensus between the Global South and large private businesses in Western states that the energy transition to renewable and green sources should be postponed or abandoned altogether. Only lobbyists among politicians in the EU and the USA insist on its continuation.
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  1. +1
    31 March 2024 08: 58
    And the truth, as usual, is always somewhere nearby. Hydrocarbon (traditional) energy must peacefully coexist with the so-called. "green" on renewable energy sources. This was the case during the time of peaceful coexistence of thermal power plants and hydroelectric power plants (which, in fact, are also renewable energy sources). But the future still lies with nuclear power plants. This is truly a source of clean energy (of course, with proper operation and strict adherence to the regime and safety measures). Let's keep silent about controlled thermonuclear fusion for now - all current achievements in fusion are still extremely energy-intensive.
  2. +1
    31 March 2024 09: 31
    Humanity would think better about its wild attitude towards nature and its resources!
    Wild animals were exterminated, wooded areas were replaced by deserts.
    The planet suffers a hundred times more from the senseless and thoughtless cutting down of trees. The planet will soon be left without green cover. Thousands of animal species are on the verge of extinction. In the oceans, fish are also disappearing. A man throws away 70% of his fish catch because he is unable to consume it.
  3. +1
    31 March 2024 09: 32
    Well, a way to squeeze a competitor with “green” duties, that’s what a “green course” is. That's right, in relation to the Third World. It would be better to work on technologies for complete redistribution and waste recycling. And the nature polluted by man was cleaned. And they planted forests.
  4. 0
    31 March 2024 18: 00
    The West needs to switch to firewood, BUT where can we get it?!
  5. 0
    31 March 2024 18: 30
    I didn’t understand anything - the largest oil-producing country suggested not to give up oil - how surprising tongue