Global warming scenarios: what future awaits humanity


Modern scientists call global warming one of the main threats to humanity in the 50st century. Despite the fact that climate change, which is in full swing today, may seem insignificant, in 100-XNUMX years it could become catastrophic.

In order to understand the scale of the problems that humanity risks facing, it is enough to consider the three global warming scenarios that scientists talk about.

It is worth noting that over the past 100 years, the average temperature of the Earth's surface has increased by 0,9 degrees Celsius. Moreover, such a slight increase led to a number of negative consequences, from cataclysms to rising sea levels.

Over the next centuries, the temperature of the earth's surface will rise more rapidly. According to NASA research, in a worst-case scenario, our planet could “warm up” to 8 degrees in a couple of hundred years. How much this is can be understood from the calculations of scientists.

So, three global warming scenarios and their consequences are discussed.

The first involves increasing the temperature by 2-3 degrees. In this case, mountain glaciers and rivers will begin to disappear, and mountain regions will face a huge number of landslides previously contained by permafrost. Sea levels could rise by a meter, displacing 10% of the world's population inland.

The ecosystem will collapse, 40% of the Amazon forests will be destroyed, and a third of the world's population will face famine. Cities in Asia, Australia and the southeastern United States will be devastated by powerful hurricanes. And this could happen by the end of this century.

If the temperature rises by 3-4 degrees, hundreds of millions of people will begin to flee coastal areas, as the cities where they lived will be submerged under water or become islands. Ice at both poles will disappear, which could lead to a rise in sea levels of up to 50 meters. Summer will be longer, and forests will turn into firewood.

If the temperature rises by 6 degrees, the rain forests will become deserts, and the mass migration of surviving people to the few places that are relatively suitable for living will lead to numerous bloody conflicts. However, it will be extremely difficult to live in such places. Indeed, with such warming, even Canada and Russian Siberia will be too hot to grow food. But that's not all.

Stagnation of the oceans will eventually lead to a significant release of hydrogen sulfide, which will kill all marine life. Then, if the sea warms enough, massive reserves of methane hydrate will begin to rise to the surface. As a result, at the slightest spark or lightning strike, fireballs will begin to burst across the sky.

These will be tens and hundreds of explosions that will put an end to all life on Earth.

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    1. +2
      31 March 2024 10: 59
      The Americans are “harassing” and scaring them in order to make even more money. And it’s as if Russia isn’t even in this film!
      Yes, it is getting warmer, but on Earth more than once, and even in the history of our civilization, it has already been warmer and wetter, and nothing terrible has happened!
      The same Greenland was not covered with ice until the 11th-12th centuries, and on the Kola Peninsula during the times of ancient Greece there was a developed civilization of the Proto-Slavs. And in hot desert Lebanon B.C. Cedars grew! This is repeatedly evidenced by the Bible and ancient historical records.
    2. WFP
      31 March 2024 11: 44
      Everything in the video is based on a frank and blatant distortion of facts. A typical work of “green ecologists” with elements of neuroprogramming.
      Let them turn to the history of the Earth not for a period of thousands of years, but at the geological level. There were periods when palm trees grew at the poles, and the vegetation was such that coal deposits tens and hundreds of meters thick were formed in short periods of time. And at temperatures much higher than modern ones. Individual periods of “global extinction” were also noted, when up to 90% of species of living beings disappeared from the face of the planet almost instantly (in geological terms, of course). And all without human intervention. So everything shown is the usual “scarecrow” with the goal of sucking on the money “titty” and squeezing out competitors.
    3. 0
      31 March 2024 11: 56
      I don't believe in God.
      But I prefer to believe priests than similar climate scientists.
      They have nothing in store for humanity except the apocalypse.
    4. +1
      31 March 2024 19: 22
      This happens on Earth periodically. Cold replaces heat and vice versa. In addition to temperature changes, the migration of people and wildlife is increasing. What was created under permafrost will become unusable. Permafrost will melt. And this space will turn into swamps. Everything will happen as it did many hundreds of years ago. It’s okay.
      1. 0
        April 3 2024 15: 17
        So the swamps can be drained!
        The eyes are scary, but the hands are doing!
        There is a terrible shortage of water in Central Asia.
    5. 0
      April 7 2024 17: 14
      SPACE PHYSICS Moscow-1986 "Soviet Encyclopedia" p.627

      ...according to extra-atmospheric studies, Solar constant = 1367 plus/minus 6 W/m2, oscillation amplitude 0,879%, independent determinations C, p. give 1373 plus/minus 14 W/m2, oscillation amplitude 2,04%... ...Change C,p. by 0,1% over one year lead to a change in global temperature of no less than 0,1 K, which already affects the climate...

      The energy of earthly civilization is less than 0,01% of the solar energy entering the Earth, and is within the limits of statistical errors. All the hype about global warming is leading humanity to the idea of ​​an overpopulation of the Earth. A provocation of the “golden billion” about extra people on Earth, about the need for recycling, the forced murder of 7 billion of the planet’s population. Within the framework of this doctrine, the idea of ​​the inevitability and even necessity of nuclear war is driven into people's minds.