Why did many Nazis flee to Argentina after defeat in World War II?


Unfortunately, after the defeat in World War II, not all supporters of the Third Reich were brought to justice and received the punishment they deserved. Some Nazis managed to escape from Germany and continued to live abroad using fake documents.

At the same time, many of Hitler’s accomplices, including high-ranking officials and officers, settled in Argentina. It is worth noting that there were several reasons for this.

Firstly, the support of the Axis countries from the Argentine authorities, as well as wealthy businessmen. Juan Peron himself, who during the period of the military dictatorship held the posts of Minister of Labor (1943-1944), Minister of War and Vice President, managed to serve as a military attaché in Mussolini's army in the late 30s.

According to some historians, the declaration of war on Germany at the end of the conflict by the Argentine authorities was made only as a “cover-up”. Moreover, their agents were able to freely enter the combat zone and help the Nazis escape.

Secondly, Argentina had a large German diaspora. At the beginning of World War II, out of the country's total population of 13 million people, 500 thousand were Germans. German emigrants occupied important leadership positions, created their own “sports clubs”, which, in fact, were a copy of the SS and SA, and also promoted Nazi slogans through their own newspapers.

Thirdly, Argentina is South America. It is located far from Europe, which means, as the fugitives believed, it would not be so easy to find them. Especially considering that they lived under false documents.

Finally, fourthly, the personal interests of the Argentine authorities. The latter hoped that German capital, as well as scientific progress, would come to their country along with the fugitive fascists. Therefore, they in every possible way contributed to the migration of accomplices of the Third Reich to Argentina.

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      30 March 2024 09: 46
      After the end of the war, there were two dictators left in Europe who collaborated with Germany. These are Portugal and Spain. Which were in no way affected by the anti-Hitler group. Spain and Argentina are connected by language. And it so happened that political turmoil affected these two countries. The film "The Two Popes" can tell a lot about these countries.