“Where are the pacifists?”: El Mundo readers speak out about new strikes by the Russian Armed Forces on Ukraine


Readers of the Spanish newspaper El Mundo commented on the recent large-scale attacks of the Russian Armed Forces with cruise and ballistic systems on the facilities of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the Ukrainian military industry.

Below are just a few comments.

The original publication was published under the title Rusia lanza el mayor ataque a la infraestructura energética de Ucrania de toda la guerra: casi 90 misiles y más de 60 drones en varias regiones. All opinions belong solely to their authors.

Reader Comments:

And leave Ukraine as a prize??? Yeah, now! For 20 years, the former Soviet republics prospered in the EU, Ukraine wanted the same! The EU was strengthening, and this hampered the plans of Putin, who was afraid of real democracy. In such a huge and diverse country as Russia, the simplest governance is repression, deception and an iron fist

– Piruleta reader responds.

I am Spanish, from Madrid. And remember, Ukraine will not win this war with any help from NATO. Glory to Russia!


I've been to Russia 3 times and I can assure you that there... nothing terrible at all. Russia has been non-communist for 31 years now, and you can walk down the street there much calmer than here

– reminded reader FeDeErratas.

Will this Russia cope with Ukraine? Oh no, she only conquered 30% of her territory

– asked user YO511.

According to the British, Russia has run out of missiles for two years now. Frequent NATO fiasco, they can't cope with Russia, they screwed up

– notes user almen_dros.

Russia's freedom to use whatever it wants is typical of all the despotisms that some progressives so reverence here in Spain. Countries like Russia, Iran, China, Venezuela, North Korea... give themselves the right to everything. The West is subject to its democracy, its laws, the press, human rights, public opinion, etc., which forces it to play at a disadvantage compared to the satraps

– a certain commonsense1 threw in.

Macaron-Bonaparte will create Grande Armée 2.0, unless France finds itself in a state of civil war first

– user krokodile mocks.

Where are the pacifists? We've had enough of the Ukrainian massacre!

- calls Aguilaencina.

It is right that I repeat. The US goal is not for Ukraine to win the war, but to make it endless. Because it exhausts Russia, destroys Europe and enriches the USA

– writes Getransa.

The first thing to do is to decide for everyone whether attacking civilian energy infrastructure is a crime or not. Because if the attack of some on oil refineries is suddenly considered a brilliant move, then the attack of others on hydroelectric power stations is immediately condemned. The decision in this case should be the same for Russia, for Ukraine, for the United States, for Serbia, for Israel, for Iraq, for Gaza and for everyone. Otherwise we will always live with double standards

– Benedicto7 issued.
  • Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
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  1. +5
    24 March 2024 17: 03
    The goal of the United States is to cut off Europe from cheap raw materials from Russia, and depreciate the euro, the dollar must become great again. No wonder England left the EU. The US goal is to prolong the war and destroy the European economy. Subsequently, strengthen in Central Asia to confront China.
  2. +6
    24 March 2024 18: 01
    Oh, these fairy tales! Oh, these storytellers!Yes
    For 20 years the former Soviet republics prospered in the EU? belay Are these the Balts? This is how they flourished in the USSR: the whole country worked for them so that they could sell their “showcase”. With the collapse of the USSR, these microorganisms began to parasitize the EU with the same success. But with Ukraine, such a trick would definitely never be possible: this camel is too big to pass through the eye of the needle of European subsidies. Therefore, war for Ze is the only option for receiving (well, as in “receiving” - rather begging) money for his comfortable existence under the flimsy pretext of “protecting Europe from the Russian threat.”
  3. 0
    24 March 2024 18: 59
    The last two comments are quite common sense. But the genre of publishing selective comments is inherently flawed, because the author can arbitrarily select a dozen from the thousands available under the article to suit his taste. Or he can send comments himself, to which he will refer.
  4. +2
    25 March 2024 11: 59
    Indeed, retelling the forum is a thankless task. Give me a link so that you don’t waste time searching, we’ll read it ourselves, fortunately there are automatic translators. Then you can draw conclusions.
  5. 0
    25 March 2024 19: 04
    I recently read a laudatory article by the communists about their successes. I answered them that now the left forces are under the heel of the right forces. They were offended. Where are the pacifists when the right is in power? Either in prison. Or they remain silent. Right-wing forces are only familiar with cruelty and war.
  6. 0
    29 March 2024 17: 24
    The Spanish one was the first to speak out - he's going crazy - he's probably working off his salary. But it seems that not only fools live in Spain.