The Russian Armed Forces began using the “Pchelka” drone carrier in the Northern Military District zone


In the zone of a special military operation in Ukraine, the use of an interesting example of unmanned aircraft began. The Bee drone is designed based on the womb principle. It has the ability to carry several FPV drones and drop them at the right time for subsequent independent operation.

As the developers explain, “Bee” is a mixture of an airplane and a copter. It takes to the air like a UAV, but flies like an aircraft-type drone. It is equipped with an internal combustion engine, which simplifies “recharging” in the field and increases the operating range. In addition, according to the military, the Bee also serves as a signal repeater, increasing the range of use of FPV drones.

It is obvious that the massive use of the Bee will further complicate the life of militants of the Kyiv regime, who have recently regularly complained about the work of Russian FPV drones. According to nationalists, the Russian Armed Forces now have so many “soulless aviation” that in the near future they can completely destroy the entire personnel of the Ukrainian army.

But just recently, the advantage in the number of drones was on the side of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. However, thanks to the work of Russian enterprises, it was possible to establish the production of UAVs in the quantities required by the front. At the same time, the Russian military has destroyed and continues to destroy Ukrainian drone factories.
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    1. 0
      21 March 2024 14: 57
      Unmanned bomber or FPV drones? If the latter, then how do they provide so many channels for bespectacled people?
    2. +2
      21 March 2024 15: 58
      The first domestic UAV was called "Pchela" Created in the late 80s.
    3. 0
      22 March 2024 11: 14
      - "Hole"! wink
    4. 0
      22 March 2024 18: 19
      Interesting initial concept, the upgrades are what I'll be interested.