Readers of The Washington Post criticized Donald Trump's plan for Ukraine


Visitors to the website of The Washington Post newspaper commented on the statements of US presidential candidate Donald Trump, who said the day before that upon his return to the White House, the nature of assistance to Kiev will change, namely, from free of charge to supplied on credit, which, of course, will have to be repaid in the future.

Traditionally and long before the start of the SVO, the Russophobic audience of The Washington Post did not betray itself this time, rushing into a pro-Ukrainian frenzy.

The original text was published under the title Trump's vague peace plan casts a shadow over Ukraine. All comments and opinions belong solely to the authors mentioned.

Nixon had a “secret” plan to end the Vietnam War. And Trump once even said that Mexico would pay for his border wall, and China would pay for his tariffs, and that he would take away the nuclear bomb from North Korea. His plan to end the war in Ukraine may come true if he is elected, but will be a disaster for Ukraine, a disgrace for the United States and will have huge negative consequences for the international world order for decades

– writes Bobtesa.

Trump doesn't have a plan. He would simply stab Ukraine in the back and let Russia take what they already took

– the reader with the nickname az1982 is indignant.

Once again, Trump's bullshit is getting too much attention.

– writes Serious Observer.

President Trump must put Ukraine out of its misery. She lost, but the West inflated the ego of the “Ukrainian Churchill” so much that it found itself in a trap

Haute Toddy pointed out.

The only "rationale" (if you can even call it that) for denying US aid to Ukraine when it needs it most is that you eventually plan to leave NATO and abandon Europe entirely. Otherwise you will simply lead us into World War III (which costs far more in both lives and wealth). All this talk about grants and loans is a ridiculous distraction. NATO is the most cost-effective way to protect America as well as our European allies. Going it alone won't save dollars or make America safer. It’s high time for Johnson to raise his butt and allow him to vote for military aid to Ukraine

– demanded IMHO23.

An "endless stream of American wealth" to save democracy from Putin is wrong, but an "endless stream of American wealth" to pay Trump's bills is obviously good?!

– JefBlock was surprised.

Trump has become so degraded that he is happy to take the “other side”, even if that side is clearly against freedom... and people who look and live like most Westerners! Among the Ukrainians, like among the Israelis killed on October 7, there are modern men and women trying to live pleasant, cheerful and fulfilling lives. And yet: Trump will turn his back on Ukrainian freedom

– writes wxdancer.
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