Military Watch: a new class of Russian tanks is coming - T-100


The main battle tanks of the T-80 family, according to the Russians, have proven themselves well during the SVO. Therefore, the Omsktransmash enterprise not only resumed the production of such MBTs, taking into account the experience of combat operations, but is also developing a new class of tanks - the T-100. This was reported by Military Watch, giving some details of what was happening.

The publication notes that in the 80s in the USSR there were five enterprises that produced tanks. At the same time, Omsktransmash was one of the three largest along with Uralvagonzavod in Nizhny Tagil and the Malyshev plant in Kharkov.

Thus, by the end of the Cold War, there were two enterprises for the production of the T-80 and three for the production of the T-72, the latter also being produced under license in Poland, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia. Since the late 1980s, Omsktransmash has been implementing an ambitious program to transform the T-80 into a next-generation tank, conceptually similar to the T-14, which is now in small-scale production at Uralvagonzavod, with a crew housed in an armored capsule and an uninhabited tower

- specified in the material.

At one time, Moscow tried to interest foreign investor clients in the project of this tank, called “Black Eagle”. Work on it started back in the mid-80s (T-80UM2 had several names - “Black Eagle”, “Object 640”, “Tarantula”). But since post-Soviet Russia itself joined the arms embargo for many of its clients, including Iraq, Iran, Libya and North Korea, the money for this never appeared.

The publication suggested that since the next generation after the T-72 was called the T-90, the T-80 would be followed by the T-100. At the same time, the difference in capabilities will be significant, because the T-72 and T-90 were produced in parallel, and there will be a gap of three decades between the T-80 and T-100.

It remains unclear to what extent the T-80 design will be modernized and whether elements of the Black Eagle will be incorporated to some extent. The new tank could be no less promising than the T-14 produced by Uralvagonzavod.

A competing tank could provide valuable protection for the T-14 program, while putting increased pressure on Uralvagonzavod to see it through. However, since Uralvagonzavod is now owned by Omsktransmash and has a complete monopoly on the production of Russian tanks, opportunities for efficiency gains through competition remain limited. It is very likely that the new T-80 with the new designation will become the most combat-ready Russian tank, with the possible exception of the T-14 itself

- summed up the media.
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  1. -1
    21 March 2024 11: 45
    The next one should be T-34 B (B- unmanned)
  2. 0
    21 March 2024 12: 46
    Therefore, the Omsktransmash enterprise not only resumed the production of such MBTs, taking into account the experience of combat operations, but is also developing a new class of tanks - the T-100.

    You can’t see the gratings, somehow it’s not clear that they are producing them taking into account the experience of combat operations. New class of tanks, what category is this? There were light, medium, heavy, and what kind of class is this? A spare battle tank instead of a main battle tank?
    1. 0
      22 March 2024 20: 15
      Quote from Voo
      New class of tanks, what category is this?

      T-80+ (plus including all modifications of the T-90),
      in general, a certain T-91 and higher: which are needed NOW.
  3. +2
    21 March 2024 13: 04
    Probably the future of wars will involve drones, incl. and in tank building.
    1. -3
      21 March 2024 14: 15
      A drone, don’t worry about the price tag, which will be disabled by a cheap jammer. Or the last hope for those who have lost touch with reality is a terminator with AI in the analytics unit.
  4. +1
    21 March 2024 13: 10
    All conjectures, fantasies of enemies, and the bourgeois article are just made up!
  5. -1
    21 March 2024 13: 52
    Again, the cart is before the horse.
    Everything is clear with the Americans, they are stupid.
    But why do our media reprint nonsense?
  6. +1
    21 March 2024 23: 48
    You need to have one Obt, but a good one. Then there are no problems with maintenance, crew training, spare parts, or logistics on the battlefield. And the format, when one person rides in parades and another fights, unfortunately, is a dead end.
  7. 0
    22 March 2024 00: 36
    Due to problems with the Almata engine, the new turret may turn out to be a good alternative to the T-14.
  8. +4
    22 March 2024 10: 35
    Omsktransmash belongs to Uralvagonzavod.... and under Stalin there were competing nationalized enterprises in the USSR.... and then a T-100 with better qualities than Armata would have been possible, because Armata has stalled... for a number of reasons, again, the electronics industry and machine tool industry have been screwed up and are stalling (like in the West we’ll buy what we need according to the gaydar - we bought more before the skidding and some other parallel imports...)
  9. 0
    22 March 2024 11: 33
    A new class of Russian tanks is approaching - the T-100

    It’s just a pity that the author didn’t clarify what this tank was for when approaching. Is it possible for serial production?
    A new tank is needed, of course, but new anti-tank weapons have appeared that recognize the appearance “from a photograph” in the electronic memory of a homing loitering munition in a zone search. And he will hit in vulnerable places, and not just “on the hat.” It’s very interesting how this can be taken into account in the design of a new tank? What mechanisms to counteract loitering ammunition, homing missiles and drones can be used in the design of the new vehicle? The question is not easy, since tank building has encountered the limit of weighting of armor protection and many other problems that have been mentioned many times in thematic publications. I really don’t want Russian tanks to be as vulnerable as Challengers, Panthers, Leclercs, Abrams and everyone else.
  10. +1
    22 March 2024 22: 28
    I’ll translate into Russian: Don’t wait for “Armata”, it won’t happen, we couldn’t (we are the military-industrial complex, I understand that these are different companies). But we will be developing a new tank for many years... Give me money. I really want to.
  11. 0
    29 March 2024 00: 53
    It is now pointless to release tanks onto the battlefield without anti-drone support; it would be better to do this. Pilyozh again.