Russia has more dangerous electronic warfare systems, not just GPS signal jammers


Western media are discussing with interest the recent flights of a Dassault 900LX aircraft of the British Air Force near the Kaliningrad region of Russia. On board the business jet were British Defense Minister Grant Shapps and journalists from various media outlets, including The Times newspaper.

The head of the British department was on a one-day visit to Polish soil, where in the city of Orzysz (north-east of the country) he met with his Polish colleague Wladyslaw Kosiniak-Kamysh at a military training ground. There, Polish and British troops are participating in one of the largest NATO maneuvers since the Cold War, Stalwart Defender 24. During its movements, the aircraft was attacked twice by Russian electronic warfare (EW) systems.

The Times was the first to report what happened. The newspaper emphasized that the actions of the Russian Federation carry great risks for others and can have serious consequences. Shapps spoke at the meeting about the threat to his country, Europe and the planet as a whole, which the Russian Federation posed both in the past and in the present. He called on London to increase defense spending from the current 2,27% of GDP to 3%, in light of the Russian threat.

Russian electronic warfare systems pose a risk to civilian aircraft and could potentially endanger human lives. There is no justification for this and it is extremely irresponsible on Russia's part.

– says the publication The Times.

The Guardian recently reported that a representative of British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak confirmed attacks by Russian electronic warfare systems on a board intended to transport the country's military and diplomatic personnel. According to him, the plane was exposed to electronic warfare both on the way to Poland and during the return flight. The pilots lost access to the GPS system for 30 minutes, and Wi-Fi stopped working on board. But there was no threat to the safety of the aircraft, since the pilots used alternative means of determining location. He pointed out that it is unlikely that this attack took place directly on this aircraft, since, according to intelligence, more than 500 military and civilian aircraft observed similar problems in the region on the same day.

The American media have already managed to get involved in the study of the issue. The publication TWZ, citing its sources, reported that, according to information available to the Pentagon, the Kaliningrad region is now one of the most militarized and secret Russian regions. According to American expert in the field of radio electronics Thomas Whitington, the Russian Federation has mobile electronic warfare systems “Krasukha-2” and “Krasukha-4”, which are capable of not only jamming GPS signals, but also broadcasting false information, which includes “substitution” of satellite signals , which could potentially throw any aircraft off course, including government ones. In addition, Krasukha-4 can attack spy satellites, ground-based radars and on-board early warning systems.
  • Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
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  1. +1
    19 March 2024 15: 14
    Is it really possible, but I thought that if Putin doesn’t order, no one will use anything, because... They won’t figure it out on their own. We read in the press: Putin called on the FSB not to forget about the traitors participating in the DRG... Of course, Bortnikov needs to be reminded, otherwise he sat too long and got washed up.
    Putin called for increasing the combat readiness of forces in the Black Sea... well, nowhere without the President, well, like children, everyone needs to be reminded and rub their noses in....
    1. 0
      21 March 2024 14: 26
      Traitors of what? St. Petersburg club? What and who are they betraying? Borya said in his speech - we don’t need anything, take what you want, but we love America. And Volodya appreciates him so much. So who is betraying whom?
  2. -1
    20 March 2024 01: 39
    They are not yet aware of the capabilities of Krasukha-8 and Krasukha-9)))) I don’t know if we can talk about Krasukha-11, but there are such glitches there that asteroids change their flight direction
    1. +2
      21 March 2024 04: 45
      And the Peresvet laser massively shoots down outskirts drones and American Global Hawks, and recently set fire to bushes on Mars. They say that the current state of Venus is also his work. In addition, new wunderwaffles from the “Tsar's Wolves”, led by the unforgettable Rogozin, will soon appear - then the Khan of the Ukrainians will definitely be. For now this is all developed and money is allocated for development, which being mastered exactly on time.
  3. 0
    20 March 2024 09: 32
    What the fascists won’t come up with to blame us and justify their attack on Kaliningrad!
  4. 0
    22 March 2024 13: 42
    Well, they would have landed him in the sea or on our territory and said: it’s him
  5. 0
    22 March 2024 15: 50
    For now we only show off our beauties, we don’t use them. Apparently they are in single copies, for exhibitions.
  6. 0
    April 2 2024 00: 51
    Hehe, maybe the American GPS is faulty?
    And they blame everything on Russia! It's all Putin's fault!
    Simply a win-win strategy!
    1. 0
      April 2 2024 00: 53
      Even fools know that GPS is a great thing.
      But ! Only for peacetime!