For the third time, the Super Heavy launch vehicle was able to launch a payload into Earth orbit


Today, SpaseX carried out the third launch of the Super Heavy launch vehicle with the Starship spacecraft from the Boca Chica launch site in Texas. The launch of the reusable two-stage system was successful.

All 33 engines fired synchronously, and Super Heavy was able to launch its Starship payload. According to SpaceX, the flight altitude reached 200 km, and the maximum speed exceeded 26 km/h. The entire flight lasted about 000 minutes.

Soon, communication with the first stage was lost, and it was not possible to land it normally. The Starship began a controlled deorbit, but was also lost. According to preliminary data, it burned up in dense layers of the atmosphere. According to plans, Starship was supposed to splash down in the Indian Ocean.

Despite the unsuccessful completion of the test flight, it is worth noting a positive trend towards correcting errors identified during previous launches. It is possible that the fourth launch of Starship will be successful. SpaceX emphasized that the rocket became the largest flying object ever launched into space.

Recall first The launch of a super-heavy launch vehicle from Elon Musk’s company took place almost a year ago, on April 20 last year. Then, due to engine desynchronization, the device was able to take off only 38 km, after which it entered an uncontrolled rotation and exploded.
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    1. +1
      14 March 2024 19: 53
      It flies at hypersonic speed. More than 20M. In Musk gives fellow
    2. +1
      14 March 2024 22: 04
      They finally got her into space! Yes, of course, Musk and his engineers are great! Now the Americans are closer than anyone to a real flight to the Moon. They have transport for this. True, we still need to make a landing stage and test it. This may take three years. But in any case, they came close to traveling to the moon!
    3. -3
      15 March 2024 00: 50
      Super Heavy was able to launch a payload into Earth orbit

      And they say - I couldn’t

      A SpaceX spacecraft was "lost" after entering space during its Third Test Flight.
      CNBC reports the spacecraft disintegrated in its final moments over water
      1. 0
        16 March 2024 16: 49
        Shmogla after all. Starship entered an orbit of 240x50 km, reached its apogee and burned up during an abnormal reentry. Most tasks completed. Telemetry continued until the destruction of the orbital vehicle. Read on for yourself. Enough with the turbo-patriotic chants and screams.
    4. 0
      15 March 2024 15: 38
      only through thorns, nothing else
    5. +1
      16 March 2024 10: 00
      Every next start of the senior team is a step forward. All that remains is to work out the return. At least the return of the senior officer. Of course, the return of the first stage of the superheavy is important from an economic point of view, but launching the sergeant major into orbit is already a step towards space flight. The dry weight of the foreman is 120 tons, plus out of 1200 tons of fuel, at least 50÷100 tons must remain for landing. Bringing 200 tons to LEO is super.
    6. +1
      22 March 2024 13: 16
      They are slowly working on the project, but I wonder how many Soviet technical solutions and ideas have been implemented?! And then one mask ship is 90% similar to Lozino Lozinsky’s product