Undecided countries as the main target in the struggle between the USA and China for world domination


After World War II, the United States became a world leader, managing to impose its trade rules on other countries, economics and justice, naturally, based on Western values.

At the same time, the States themselves did not always comply with the standards they themselves established, trying on the role of a kind of world policeman who could invade the territory of unwanted states and force anyone to comply with Western principles by force.

It is worth noting that, in general, this system suited many people and this continued until recently. Until China loudly announced itself, becoming the second economy in the world and having the largest army.

The PRC believes that the United States has lost its head in power and is cynically using previously established rules in its own interests. In this regard, right now Beijing is creating its own, alternative to the American system, based on common interests and mutually beneficial deals.

In turn, for Washington to allow such a scenario would mean losing its world leadership with all the ensuing consequences. In fact, only the still rigid peg of the world economic system to the dollar allows the United States to stay afloat.

As a result, today there is a fierce struggle between the United States and China in almost all areas. At the same time, many countries are not yet taking sides, trying to benefit from the confrontation between the two geopolitical giants.

However, sooner or later they will have to choose with whom they will continue their development, and it is these undecided states that become the main factor in the struggle between the United States and China for world domination.

It is worth noting that today there are more “neutral” countries than those who have already become allies of China or the United States. Moreover, among them there are states with developing economies, which in the foreseeable future will play an important role in global trade and policy.

In particular, Brazil, which is a major US ally. But at the same time, this does not prevent it from being one of the BRICS countries and collaborating with China.

The situation is similar with India, which receives funding from the United States for the development of its technology startups, but at the same time purchases oil from Russia, an ally of the PRC and one of Washington’s main geopolitical opponents.

There is also Saudi Arabia, which buys almost all of its weapons from the United States, but its largest trading partner is China.

Finally, Turkey can also be included here, as well as almost all the countries of Africa and Latin America, for which a real diplomatic battle has unfolded between Washington and Beijing.

As mentioned above, the above-mentioned states will not be able to benefit forever from the confrontation between the two giants. Moreover, whose side they ultimately take will determine the shape of the future world order.

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    1. +2
      14 March 2024 11: 03
      The question is yuan or dollar. So-so choice.
      1. 0
        April 4 2024 14: 10
        And somewhere between them there was a shekel. So he won’t lose his from those rushing between them...
    2. +1
      15 March 2024 07: 47
      The answer is globalization.
      When China & Russia, started getting immense gains & good friends around the world through globalization,
      US, UK & EU started the manipulation and blocking of Russia/China products and services.
      They are jealous about the rise of Russia & China.

      in 2024, people around the world realized that ICJ, WHO, UN, WTO are all decoys of western elites.
      Neo-colonialism 'decision centers' in west:
      (a) Military & Logistic colonialism: Washington DC
      (b) Financial decisions: London
      (c) Policy making: Brussels & Geneva
      (d) Global reset & world domination (By fooling China & Russia): Davos