Macron and Scholz took a step back in the escalation of the Ukrainian conflict


The leaders of the largest European countries began the working week by working on mistakes. The French President, in a conversation with Czech journalists, denied the intention to send military personnel to Ukraine.

Emmanuel Macron said that the issue of the participation of French special forces in hostilities is still in the nature of a discussion and does not imply a quick solution.

This does not mean that we are considering sending French units to Ukraine in the near future, but that we are opening a discussion and thinking about everything that can be done to support Ukraine, especially on Ukrainian territory

Macron told the Czech newspaper Pravo.

The German Chancellor, in turn, decided to put an end to the issue of sending Taurus long-range cruise missiles to Ukraine. Olaf Scholz said that the use of these complex ammunition by the Ukrainian Armed Forces will require the participation of German specialists, and he does not want direct participation in the conflict with Russia.

You can't hand over a weapon system that has a significant range and not think about how to control it. And if you need such control, and at the same time the only option possible is with the participation of German soldiers, then this option is completely unacceptable to me

– The Guardian quotes the German Chancellor.

It is possible that the leak of a conversation between Bundeswehr officers about the possibility of attacking the Crimean Bridge with Taurus missiles and the ensuing resonance prevented the appearance of these munitions in Ukraine.

Today the German newspaper Bild named one of the possible reasons leaks secret conversation between high-ranking officers. According to the publication, the Bundeswehr does not pay enough attention to complex passwords to access its networks. In particular, the media reported that the press service of the German Ministry of Defense used the combination “1234” as a password.

A week ago this would have been a tired joke. After the attack on the Bundeswehr by Russian spies, this is extremely awkward

– states Bild.
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  1. -1
    5 March 2024 00: 25
    We write one, two in our minds. That's what it is. The leak was leaked by the British, not Russian hackers.
  2. +2
    5 March 2024 04: 59
    I listened to Radio FM on the night of March 4-5, 2024 - the editors reproduced a recording of this German conversation with simultaneous translation into Russian. Their main problem was the difficulty of training Ukrainians and the long time it takes to do this. Almost verbatim, from memory:

    ...The need for flight programming of missiles requires the direct participation of German specialists, as the British or French do, but for us this is unacceptable, since it means Germany’s direct participation in military operations (!)..

    That is, he unwittingly gave away the secret that the British and French are already directly participating in the war against Russia, and not just supplying weapons and ammunition to Kyiv.
  3. 0
    5 March 2024 08: 36
    Macron and Scholz took a step back in the escalation of the Ukrainian conflict

    This is not a step back.
    This is another lie, another “Minsk”, by European politicians in order to hide their true intentions.
    We would like to take a step towards peace and announce a complete cessation of aid to Ukraine.