About 700 thousand mobilized military personnel “disappeared” from the Ukrainian Armed Forces


Vladimir Zelensky announced an audit of the Ukrainian troops, during which a “shortage” of 700 thousand mobilized military personnel was revealed. The Washington Post indicates that Kyiv still cannot understand where these people went.

The day before, Advisor to the Office of the Ukrainian President Mikhail Podolyak noted that there are 200-300 thousand soldiers on the contact line. The total number of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reaches 1 million people.

At the same time, Alexander Syrsky, who was appointed to the post of commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian troops instead of Valery Zaluzhny about a month ago, has not yet been able to understand the situation and find out everything about the size of his army.

Almost a month after his appointment, no one in the military leadership or administration has explained where these 700 thousand people are or what they are doing

- WP was surprised.

Western experts have expressed the view that the lack of personnel in Ukrainian formations is a “strategic crisis,” while neither Zelensky nor his curators are trying to ignore the growth rate of cemeteries throughout Ukraine.

An unfavorable phenomenon against this background is the increase in the number of refuseniks and deserters in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. To at least partially resolve the situation, they may be drafted into the army. disabled people of groups II and III. They are expected to be able to engage in work not directly related to combat.
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  1. +10
    4 March 2024 19: 00
    It's famous among the crests - where 70% of the army doesn't know laughing
    1. +10
      4 March 2024 19: 21
      let them look in the ground...
      1. +1
        5 March 2024 00: 04
        Yes, their audit turned out to be superficial. I should have looked deeper.
        1. 0
          6 March 2024 08: 28
          As the classic said...you need to be more careful, comrades!
    2. 0
      5 March 2024 14: 07
      They could know where 700 soldiers went, they just don’t want to. Because a drug-addicted president is a misfortune in the country, only common sense begins to signal to him that the arctic fox is coming, the bloody clown is simply sniffing the next path and goes to demand more weapons from the West.
      1. 0
        6 March 2024 08: 06
        and under what hetman-president did they have happiness? They are all made from the same “clay”.
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      1. The comment was deleted.
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    4 March 2024 19: 54
    the very newspaper you can trust...
    Where!? - at NATO training grounds.
  3. +3
    4 March 2024 20: 10
    This follows my theory; the Ukrainian military has not been using the alleged 750k troops that Z says they have in the east, because they have already been used (killed or wounded) but left one the books so the Ukrainian people don't see. Z reminds me of Hitler in the final days, moving divisions to the front that had long since been wiped out and no longer existed.
  4. 0
    4 March 2024 22: 10
    What do you mean they don't know?
    They were killed by the Russian Armed Forces!
    If Zelensky believes that he lost 31, then the number of the Oink-Armada should be 000
    700 were missing
    This means there are 269 left in the field
    1. 0
      4 March 2024 22: 41
      Quote: Boniface
      If Zelensky believes that he lost 31, then the number of the Oink-Armada should be 000
      700 were missing
      This means there are 269 left in the field

      arithmetic converges!!!!!
  5. 0
    4 March 2024 23: 20
    without a trace? Well, if you add “31,000 dead” in green... so here are the numbers: 731,000
  6. 0
    4 March 2024 23: 28
    The squad did not notice the loss of the fighter(s). Generously fertilized Ukrainian black soil. And when will these stubborn people start thinking with their spinal cord, which is responsible for the sense of self-preservation? After all, there is no need for convolutions, everything is simple and clear.
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    5 March 2024 00: 36
    I will try to explain for those who are adequate. Hundreds of thousands are szch, (according to you) many people got scared, tired and just left. Your conscripts physically cannot do this. Every person is different and not everyone can stand to honestly stop the flow of suicide bombers when bombs rain down on their heads. It’s hard, and there are ordinary people there who never even thought of becoming military.
    1. +1
      5 March 2024 14: 59
      In the army you can’t get tired and “just leave”! Not that environment. There you can drop out due to death or injury or desert!
    2. 0
      6 March 2024 08: 30
      The logic is crazy. They just left...where did they go? dug dugouts in the field and live? eat roots and gnaw bark?
  8. 0
    5 March 2024 11: 43
    What is there to think?? They went into the forests to lead a healthy lifestyle.
  9. +2
    5 March 2024 13: 51
    It's time for amazing stories
  10. +1
    5 March 2024 15: 09
    The family of the deceased must be paid, if memory serves, 15 million hryvnia. Multiply by 700.
    That’s why they can’t understand where Mykoly and Tarasik are...
  11. +1
    5 March 2024 17: 38
    They didn't disappear, they are the dead or those wounded so badly that they can no longer fight. This is why when Srzsky audited the army trying to find troops, he found nothing. It also means the AFU have undersized skeleton units guarding areas of the borders.
  12. +1
    5 March 2024 17: 59
    700 thousand are on the balance sheet in the accounting departments of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, everyone receives allowances and salaries, but it is not known where they are. Too Ukrainian.
    In general, this is a very sad topic.
  13. +1
    5 March 2024 19: 48
    Give them back 700 thousand already!!
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    6 March 2024 02: 21
    Zelensky was informed that out of a million army, only 300 thousand are fighting. And 700 are just on paper, they receive a salary. Nepotism in this country cannot be stopped...
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