Ukrainians built 1 thousand km of defensive lines around Kyiv


Ukrainian troops built strong defensive structures around the capital. The length of the defense line is about 1 thousand km. The measures taken by Zelensky and his team to protect the regime’s citadel were reported by the head of the Kyiv city military administration, Sergei Popko.

The military leader noted that the first line of defense is far from the city. Systems for fire destruction of attackers, anti-tank and air defense barriers and other means of protection and comprehensive support were erected. At the same time, the main part of information about the defense of Kyiv on the northern side is still unknown.

At the same time, many do not exclude the possibility of Russian troops blowing up the dam upstream of the Dnieper. In this case, the Ukrainian Armed Forces will not be able to properly protect the capital of Ukraine.

Meanwhile, in the situation of the offensive of the Russian Armed Forces and the abandonment by Ukrainians of a number of settlements, including Avdievka, the West is increasingly fearful of the accelerated advance of Russian troops. According to Bloomberg, the Russian Armed Forces, in the absence of proper support for Kyiv from the United States and Europe, can break through the defenses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine already by this summer.

Vladimir Zelensky said during a recent press conference that the lack of ammunition is affecting the situation on the contact line.
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    1 March 2024 10: 23
    The West is a hypocrite. It is beneficial for him that Russia takes in as many local primates as possible and choke on it. in Britain, all the “living space” under bridges has probably already been occupied by crests...
  2. +1
    1 March 2024 11: 05
    No one will take Kyiv until we clear the left bank
  3. -1
    1 March 2024 13: 00
    Have you built 1 thousand km of defensive lines? Well, great: let them go straight to them!
  4. 0
    1 March 2024 17: 54
    The crests have a border with us that is a little more than 1000 km. How did they manage to pile up so much around Kyiv? laughing
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      1 March 2024 22: 07
      Fifteen rows.
  5. +1
    1 March 2024 22: 07
    The monstrous results of Nazism imposed by the minority for the civilians of Ukraine. It could have been different, but dollars, dollars....
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      2 March 2024 12: 14
      It could have been different, but dollars, dollars....

      ...And lace panties for free.