Germany presented a four-stage plan for war with Russia


The German government presented a 13-page document called “Risk Analysis for Civil Defense,” which is essentially a theoretical plan describing the development of events in the event of a Russian attack. This was reported by the German tabloid Bild. According to the publication, the document states that such an attack would provoke a fundamental change in the security situation for the whole of Europe.

The authors of the report believe that a possible war with the Russian Federation will consist of four stages.

The first stage involves a disinformation campaign that will be carried out in the media, social networks and all other possible means. In addition, Berlin is awaiting reports of cyber attacks and acts of sabotage at power plants, dams and other facilities. It is assumed that the operations will be carried out secretly and because of this it will not be possible to blame anyone specific

Bild notes.

At the second stage, according to the presented document, Russian troops will concentrate near NATO borders. In response, the North Atlantic Alliance will increase the concentration of its troops in the regions bordering the Russian Federation.

Cases of cyber attacks and sabotage will become more frequent, and space satellites will be disabled. The authorities have not ruled out attacks on nuclear reactors, chemical plants and hydraulic structures in the country's cities.

- informs the publication.

The third stage, according to the authors of the report, will be associated with targeted strikes using conventional and non-conventional types of weapons; such strikes could be carried out against targets on the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany. In this case, a large number of space satellites will be destroyed.

Finally, at the fourth stage, the Russian military will break into the territory of Germany, and everything will be like in 1945, with the only difference that this will not be the end, but the beginning of a new global conflict.

The clash between countries will go beyond the planet, and for the first time a conflict on a global scale will break out in space.

– claims the German tabloid.
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    1. +6
      29 February 2024 11: 39
      and the fascists are optimists, but, unlike the fraternal people, no one will babysit them, straight away with a vigorous club to the head
      1. +2
        29 February 2024 11: 42
        Yes, we will not babysit anyone! If you don’t agree, you’ll get hit in the head with a nuclear club! fellow
    2. +3
      29 February 2024 12: 16
      Both the Germans and the British have always dreamed of destroying the Russians, turning them into slaves, and seizing wealth. How history will develop further depends on the victory in Ukraine. Who will win? There will be one winner. Anglo-Saxons or Russia. The Russian Federation has one victory, this is the liquidation of the state of Ukraine, the inclusion of the entire territory of Ukraine, within the 1975 borders, into Russia, in the form of regions. The liberation of only the LDPR, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions (territory of the Russian Federation) or the conclusion of a peace treaty, for example, the Korean version and a return to the old life, is not possible, because a sea of ​​blood was shed on both sides and the Russian Federation suffered huge economic, political and military losses.
      1. -1
        29 February 2024 12: 32
        Quote: vlad127490
        The British have always dreamed of destroying the Russians

        The best way to put it on this topic was:

        England has neither permanent allies, nor permanent enemies. England has only permanent interests.

        Accordingly, three times the interests of Russia and England coincided so much that we were allies in major wars against a common enemy.
        did not coincide to the stage that it came to direct war - only 1 time, in the middle of the XNUMXth century.
        But even at this moment, Britain had modest plans for Russia.
    3. +1
      29 February 2024 17: 41
      At the first stage you will receive Lyulei, etc. you don’t have to think about the remaining three laughing