Russia is making a serious breakthrough in the field of drones: three important news


The Russian air defense system in Ukraine has proven that a modern conflict cannot be fought without the use of UAVs. However, in the civilian sphere, drones continue to firmly strengthen their position.

Against this background, one cannot but rejoice at the successes of Russian engineers in this area. It is worth noting that over the past year and a half, the Russian Federation has made a serious breakthrough in the field of drones.

By the way, one of the clearest confirmations of the above is the recent news about domestic developments in the field of UAVs.

Thus, specialists from the Sukhoi Design Bureau successfully tested a prototype of the latest unmanned transport system outside the airfield, BTS-VAB. It is known about the final product that for vertical takeoff and landing it will use electric motors, while for horizontal flight it will use a propulsion piston motor.

It is stated that the promising drone will be able to cover a distance of 500 km and will carry up to 300 kg.

The next news concerns the completion of flight tests of the Partizan ultra-short take-off and landing transport UAV.

The device is capable of taking off and landing on a platform of 50x50 meters. The flight range of the Partizan will be 1000 km, the maximum speed will be 300 km/h, and the payload weight will be up to 1 ton.

The development was based on the An-2 aircraft. What is typical is that Partizan, in addition to operating autonomously, can also be controlled by a live pilot.

Finally, another noteworthy event. The Zala Aero company sent its ZALA Z-16 drone to Antarctica for testing in harsh conditions.

It is worth noting here that the device has already proven itself well in the NWO zone and managed to work very effectively in conjunction with the Lancets.

Now the UAV has gone to the South Pole, where in extreme climatic conditions it will perform civilian tasks - conduct high-precision aerial photography, process images, create terrain maps, etc.

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    1. -1
      1 March 2024 10: 43
      It’s not for nothing that sanctions were imposed on Alabuga... there students are actively learning to develop and produce UAVs... crests even have a whole “documentary” film on this topic. How Russian children are killing Little Russians with their drones laughing By the way, why are there no holders of Ukrainian surnames among Russian schoolchildren who are winners of international Olympiads? Is Putin preventing you from studying or is something else preventing you?
    2. 0
      1 March 2024 13: 15
      Our Armatas have been going to parades for many years and much more. No one doubts that Russia can, but we fight exclusively with Soviet galoshes. And so in everything! It is now fashionable to promise a lot of things by 2030.