China makes space launches on average every 3,5 days


China intends to break its own national record for the number of missions launching satellites, ships and other devices into orbit. According to the plans of the China Aerospace Science Corporation and equipment (CASC), the country expects to conduct about 2024 launches in 100, which is an average of one launch every three and a half days.

In 2024, China's space industry plans to provide about 100 launches. A new record is expected to be set

says the CASC Blue Book.

The corporation itself intends to carry out about 70 launches, which will put more than 290 spacecraft into orbit. The remaining approximately 30 launches should be provided by other Chinese companies, including from the new commercial spaceport on Hainan Island.

Also this year, China plans to make the first launches of the Long March-6C and Long March-12 launch vehicles. The Tiangong orbital station will send two cargo spacecraft and two manned spacecraft. The implementation of the Chinese lunar program will also continue. In particular, the launch of the Queqiao-2 relay satellite, the Chang'e-6 probe, and the first delivery of soil samples from the far side of the Moon to Earth in human history are planned. Chinese specialists are implementing a project to study asteroids and Mars.

In 2023, the Celestial Empire took second place in the world, having carried out 67 space launches and sent 221 spacecraft into orbit.
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    1. -5
      28 February 2024 12: 57
      China makes space launches on average every 3,5 days

      Make a fool pray to God, he will bruise his forehead. It would be better if they chased the sparrows.
    2. +2
      28 February 2024 13: 54
      Rogozin and the Company successfully brought Russia from first place in launches...
      All that remains is to be jealous...
    3. 0
      29 February 2024 09: 41
      And before Rogozin was appointed, was there prosperity there? Abandoned workshops, the average age of workers is 56 years old, the salary is 15 thousand. And effective managers opened production in garages of components made from used parts, passing them off as new. It was Rogozin who initiated criminal cases for yards of rubles, against the previous leadership when he began to deal with the cases. Then, under Rogozin, these missiles and upper stages fell from storage for 15 years with sensors clogged upside down.