Western components found in Russian Lancet-3 drone


Technical specialists from the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine are carefully studying the latest Russian drone that they recently received. Western media reported this, citing French intelligence services.

It is noted that on February 18, Ukrainians on the line of combat contact in the forest near Kremennaya found one copy of the Lancet-3 kamikaze UAV (loitering munition) in “perfect condition.” Now Ukrainians are actively interested in where the Russians obtained foreign electronic components and how they got into the Russian Federation.

For example, a Jetson TX2 AI microprocessor manufactured by Nvidia (USA) was identified, which excited the department. The thing is that this energy-efficient and high-tech component optimizes image processing using artificial intelligence of video streams. Allegedly, it is this component that allows you to launch an algorithmic mechanism for automatic identification equipment drone and allows Russian operators to more easily select targets and collect intelligence on the enemy.

The Lancet-3 strike is mainly used to destroy key elements of the Ukrainian Armed Forces: command posts, air defense and electronic warfare systems, tanks and artillery, especially those supplied by Kyiv’s Western partners. Studying Russian weapons makes it possible for Ukrainians to influence the West in order to make it more difficult for Russians to obtain components.

The French clarified that the Ukrainians are also studying weapons systems received by Russia from Iran and the DPRK. However, previous investigations into the Shahed-136 and Mohajer-6 drones were facilitated by extensive documentation provided to Ukraine by NATO partners. These drones were previously well studied after their widespread use by the Yemeni Houthis against Saudi Arabia. As for the family of Russian loitering ammunition "Lancet", first used in Syria, they remain poorly studied.
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    1. 0
      27 February 2024 15: 26
      There is no abnormality in using US made chips manufactured by Nvidia, Texas Instruments or Analog Devices.
      USA 'monopolized' the software & hardware market. Russian, Chinese & Indian brain-drain contributed to the development of US hardware & software industry.
      This is an era of globalization. Sanctions wont work in this age.
      US military is still using Russian oil. After 1990 most of the big fortunes US made in different fields are contributed by the citizens from Russia, China, India etc.
      Russia is globally selling Oil, Minerals, Metals, Fertilizers, Wheat, Diamond etc. USA globally 'monopolized' software & hardware industry. In one word..'Globalization' thats it.
      1. +2
        27 February 2024 16: 10
        There's nothing wrong with using American-made chips made by Nvidia, Texas Instruments or Analog Devices.
        The US has "monopolized" the software and hardware market. Brain drain from Russia, China and India has fueled the growth of the hardware and software industry in the US.
        This is the era of globalization. Sanctions will not work in our time.
        The US military still uses Russian oil. After 1990, most of the large fortunes acquired by the United States in various fields were contributed by citizens of Russia, China, India, etc.
        Russia sells oil, minerals, metals, fertilizers, wheat, diamonds, etc. around the world. The US has "monopolized" the software and hardware industry globally. In a word... "Globalization", that's all.

        Although we need to develop our own microelectronics. Although it is expensive, it is necessary to partially degrease the oligarchs.
        1. 0
          27 February 2024 18: 49
          Yes, I age. Russian Elbrus chips, Chinese Kirin chips, Kunpeng chips, Zhaoxin chips, Loongson chips, Rockchip, FeiTeng, Sunway chips etc will be game changers in the future. RISC-V processors will play an important role in the near-future. The co-operation between Russian & China in semiconductor technology is a must.

          Russia & China will be 'self-reliant' in microprocessors/microcontrollers in the near-future.
        2. +2
          28 February 2024 09: 22
          Who will degrease them, they are oligarchs. We'll probably be degreased. And this will begin immediately after the elections, I think. Although the process has already started. It is in this spirit that the Central Bank acts. As for the Lancet, a self-destruction system needs to be created so as not to get into trouble.
        3. +2
          28 February 2024 13: 41
          Who would do something like that? What are you speaking about? Look at the export/import structure with China. What kind of import substitution can we talk about? Resources are sent abroad, high value-added goods are imported.
    2. +3
      27 February 2024 18: 12
      It is quite possible that our UAV was landed by enemy electronic warfare equipment, since there have been reports of this more than once.
      1. -1
        28 February 2024 12: 06
        Well, let's be more detailed. What is planted where and where are these messages?
        The reasons for drone crashes can be different. In addition, information about the drone and its contents can cover up the person who transmitted this data from Russia.
        In addition, the facial recognition program also worked on our component base several years before SVO. The Americans, by the way, bought highway cameras with our filling from us for their police. And by the way, they were very pleased.
        Basically, drones for civilian use, such as Mavik and the like, are planted with the help of electronic warfare. Our specialized combat drones, such as Lancet, have protection against loss of communication channel and suppression, and even more so the new Lancet-3 drone. There is a video from the manufacturer with his story about this drone .
        I’m wondering: the Ukrainians officially announced and showed their minister an analogue of the Lancet at the exhibition and said that they had started producing it, this was about six months ago. True, it is not visible at the front and there are no reviews about its effectiveness from our military or at least references to it. Wasn't it a Ukrainian drone, like a copy of the Lancet, that was found almost intact in the forest? And the arrows were turned on us. Probably definitely him. Already at the front (they praised them to get an order and money for it), some major flaw was clearly revealed, which is why they don’t have these drones in sight.
    3. +1
      27 February 2024 18: 55
      So what. The Americans buy oil from Russia, SGP then sells it to the West at a premium as their own, etc.
    4. +1
      28 February 2024 06: 31
      Import substitution is lame, or maybe even non-existent. and it’s easier to buy everything in ketai than to make your own, the business of Gaidar and his team is alive and well, cheers comrades!!!
    5. 0
      28 February 2024 12: 36
      It would be necessary to program it for self-destruction...
    6. 0
      29 February 2024 09: 08
      Why does the military allow such things? It is necessary to make a device for the complete self-destruction of such weapons in such cases.
    7. 0
      29 February 2024 09: 31
      That's news for me too! If suddenly only domestic chips were discovered in geraniums, one would be very surprised and delighted, celebrating the event with a cold, effervescent brut.