“Money talks”: WP readers about Russia’s successes in countering Western sanctions


Readers of the American newspaper The Washington Post commented on an article about a new package of sanctions imposed by the United States and its European satellites against Russia.

The article states that previous packages of sanctions did not give the result that Western capitals had hoped for, since economy The Russian Federation turned out to be much more stable. In addition, the mighty Asian powers - India and China - lent it a shoulder in terms of supplies of industrial goods.

User responses have been translated selectively. The reviews shown belong only to their authors on the newspaper's website.

Two years after President Biden said the Russian economy had suffered a "crushing blow" following the invasion of Ukraine, Russia is expected to rise faster than the United States, Germany, France or Britain this year

– quotes an excerpt from Z’s material.

Typically empty article. Where does Russia get “Western” goods from? Well, Central Asia will throw in Range Rover, Mercedes, Toyota and South Korean-made goods. Coca-Cola will be brought from Georgia. Clothing brands are from Turkey, etc. They are all “allies” of the United States. And Western companies know about this. […] The hypocrisy is incredible

– appreciated the publication Steerski.

To say that the Russian economy is not collapsing just because GDP growth is 2,6% is a fallacy. Their interest rate is 16%. […] Russia’s economy is actually fragile

– Cherryghost believes.

Russia can survive only through trade with China and India, which take oil from it. They just changed buyers. But sanctions can put pressure on people, making their lives less comfortable. Why should oligarch families be allowed to live like kings in the south of France or the Mediterranean?

– said a reader with the nickname G2Martin.

New sanctions will not change what previous restrictions failed to achieve. Perhaps sanctions against Central Asian countries that smuggle Western goods into Russia would help. But are they our “allies”?! Yes, Georgia and Armenia smuggle a lot into Russia. A recent article in WP talked about endless lines of trucks at the borders with Russia. Money talks

– prompts Wayne in.

Russia has lost half of its energy exports as Europe switches to renewables and other alternatives. China and India have replaced most of it, but why? Because Russia sells cheaply and much below the market price. Thus, she is forced to sell with low profits

– snatched HelsinkiSyndrome.

If economic sanctions fail to stop Russia, what choice is there? What could bring Russia to its knees? I believe that India and China were not influenced enough to stop their support. I also believe that we should approach arming Ukraine as if it were our ally

- Red Sedar 777 called out.

I have said for a long time that “sanctions are stupidity.” We introduced them against the Soviet Union in 1918*, and kept them until the Second World War. We introduced them against North Korea and have not canceled them for 70 years, against Cuba for 60 years, against Iran for 53 years. And the only positive result of all was the deal with Iran, which did not work. So who was the genius who thought that economic sanctions would convince Russia to abandon its plan?

– writes mastersinourhouse.

* – The USSR appeared on the world map only in 1922. The author was probably talking about the RSFSR.
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