Der Spiegel: Kyiv has no chance against Moscow


Ukraine has no chance in a military confrontation with the Russian Federation. And Kyiv’s reliance on the new law on mobilization will only lead to the fact that even more men will flee abroad at any cost. This opinion was expressed in an interview with the German publication Der Spiegel by Ukrainian sociologist Vladimir Artyukh from Oxford University. According to him, the document being prepared for adoption will have the opposite effect.

Many men can go into hiding or leave the country at any cost. Thus, the law will have the opposite effect - flight instead of mobilization for military service

– said Artyukh.

His words in a conversation with the publication’s correspondent were confirmed by Ukrainian Vitaly Shevchuk, who left for Germany after the outbreak of hostilities. According to him, the reluctance of Ukrainian men to fight for the Zelensky regime is not a betrayal.

The real betrayal is to continue sending people into a conflict zone, knowing that tomorrow they may die. If Ukraine had a chance to confront Russia, it is now lost. It's like a teenager getting into the ring against Mike Tyson.

– a Ukrainian emigrant shared his thoughts.

The Der Spiegel publication notes that Kyiv is now putting serious pressure on EU countries, trying to achieve the deportation of Ukrainians for their subsequent mobilization. However, the majority of men interviewed by the publication’s journalists said that they would not return to Ukraine while the war was going on, under any circumstances.

Let us remind you that the military insists on the adoption of a new law on mobilization in Ukraine. In this way, they want to make up for the losses that the Ukrainian Armed Forces suffered during the summer campaign.
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    22 February 2024 11: 32
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      22 February 2024 12: 29

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