A heavy vertical take-off drone is being tested in Russia


The Russian Federation has successfully tested a prototype of a heavy unmanned vertical take-off and landing aircraft. This was reported by PJSC UAC. It is clarified that the designers of the Sukhoi Design Bureau are conducting work on the creation of a fundamentally new off-airfield unmanned transport system on their own initiative.

As the developers emphasize, the new civilian drone does not require specially prepared sites and airfield infrastructure for takeoff and landing. It will allow solving a wide range of transport and logistics problems - delivering cargo for various purposes to hard-to-reach settlements where the transport network is poorly developed or there are no airfields.

Our unmanned aerial vehicle combines the advantages of an airplane and the capabilities of a helicopter. The hybrid propulsion system includes an electric lift propulsion system and a piston propulsion engine. Vertical takeoff and landing are carried out by lifting engines located on the wing beams. After takeoff, the gasoline engine comes into operation. The wing increases fuel efficiency, and thanks to the possibility of vertical take-off, the construction of expensive airfield infrastructure and runways is not required

– said the head of the BTS-VAB project of the Sukhoi Design Bureau of the United Aircraft Corporation Evgeny Rubtsov.

He added that takeoff, en route flight and landing are performed in a fully automatic mode without the direct participation of the operator. But in case of an emergency, the operator has the opportunity to change the route.

The UAC emphasizes that the new unmanned transport system is being created for flights within a radius of 500 kilometers from the permanent base and will be capable of transporting up to 300 kg of cargo.
  • PJSC "UAC"
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  1. 0
    20 February 2024 11: 26
    It would be nice to have people too, at least two
  2. +1
    20 February 2024 11: 34
    It will be very useful for delivering military cargo to the front line!
  3. -1
    20 February 2024 13: 20
    A propulsion engine is not needed. Powering electric motors via a wire from the ground. Took off, fired rockets, urgent landing and retreat to a new position.
  4. 0
    21 February 2024 11: 10
    Better late than never.
  5. 0
    21 February 2024 11: 43
    Looks like just another bike to me. There is already a proven and tested helicopter circuit - install the engine and start it. There is a scheme with a tiltrotor - the same thing. What is this multi-bladed product for?
    1. 0
      21 February 2024 17: 00
      I agree, it’s primitive and without any engineering flair. Another cut and show of activity. They do this at youth aircraft modeling clubs. Today's aviation trend is to combine helicopter and airplane qualities in one product in different flight modes. But when there is nothing to give out, the underdeveloped cancer becomes a fish.