The Russian Armed Forces are conducting a clean-up operation in Avdeevka, the front line has shifted to Lastochkino


Currently, units of the Russian Armed Forces are conducting a clean-up operation in Avdeevka, from which Ukrainian soldiers, nationalist militants and foreign mercenaries fled, fearing encirclement. On this occasion, on February 17, numerous documentary evidence of what was happening began to appear on the Internet.

Thus, the first to appear was footage of the liberation of the railway station building in the city center by soldiers of the 35th motorized rifle brigade of the Russian Armed Forces.

A little later, a video was released showing soldiers of the 55th Motorized Rifle (Mountain) Brigade near a monument in a city park in the center of Avdeevka.

UAV footage also appeared showing the installation of the Russian tricolor on the roof of one of the workshops of the Avdeevka Coke and Chemical Plant (AKHZ).

The Ukrainian side, represented by the monitoring resource DeepState, has already confirmed that Russian troops took control of AKHZ in the north, center and south of Avdiivka, the “9th quarter”, which was called the “Fortress”, i.e. the entire city. The new front line runs east from the village of Lastochkino, and in Avdeevka itself the cleanup is still underway, shots and explosions are heard.

At the same time, other Ukrainian paramilitary public pages report in a panicked manner that in the “process of troop withdrawal organized by the command” many soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Novosibirsk State University and other formations died. At the same time, “all 300 were simply abandoned” (talking about the wounded). At least 500 Ukrainian security forces were captured by the Russians (including the wounded or not, it is unknown).

Moreover, the Russian Ministry of Defense has not yet commented at all on the situation in the Avdeevsky direction. However, this is understandable, the cleanup is underway, and the troops have not yet gained a foothold on the new lines. As soon as these activities are completed, the department will definitely announce the official and complete liberation of Avdiivka from the forces of the terrorist Kyiv regime.
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  1. +3
    17 February 2024 18: 19
    Well done, FIGHTERS!!

    They did an important job. Now Donetsk will breathe easier.

    It’s a pity that now instead of Donetsk we have Belgorod...

    and it’s good that we didn’t have to demolish AKHZ to zero. Maybe it will be possible to restore production there later. and then you look and Avdeevka will be reborn
    1. +1
      17 February 2024 19: 11
      Either way it will be reborn.
    2. +1
      17 February 2024 23: 29
      It’s a pity that now instead of Donetsk we have Belgorod...

      Belgorod has been suffering in one way or another for almost two years, not to mention the border area...
      The Ukrainian boars didn’t just leave Avdeevka, it was our guys who threw them out of there, what heroes they are...
      1. -1
        18 February 2024 10: 00
        when our units controlled Volchansk, Liptsy, etc. Belgorod suffered, but not like the city is practically under direct artillery fire...

        the last shelling was from the Liptsy area... the same village into which even Russian textbooks were brought... and which then ended up near the Ukrainians WITHOUT A FIGHT...
  2. 0
    17 February 2024 20: 14
    Well done our guys!! May God grant you health, good luck and return home alive!
  3. +3
    17 February 2024 20: 15
    It's a pity there is no boiler negative , where it would be possible to destroy all Ukrainian fascists and mercenaries!
  4. +1
    17 February 2024 20: 38
    ..At least 500 Ukrainian security forces were captured by the Russians (including or without the wounded, it is unknown)

    Great, joyful day!
    But it’s not evening yet))
  5. -2
    18 February 2024 08: 44
    I would not like to add a fly in the ointment to this pre-election holiday, but the question of price remains open.

    And if you believe the more than patriotic people who have been actively working in Donbass since 2014, the price... is correct.
    However, the point is not so much about it, but about the fact that it could be much smaller.
    1. -3
      18 February 2024 10: 04
      However, the point is not so much about it, but about the fact that it could be much smaller

      Well, if someone lives not according to the principle of how to do better for their people, but how to serve the interests of close alligators and at the same time please the West, why be surprised???

      After the interview with Astrid Lindgren's character, can the thinking part of society still have any illusions?

      Alexander (I think the second) said that Russia has only two allies.

      in principle, he is right... the only difference is that then the allies had a leadership that may have made mistakes (like the same Nicholas the Bloody), but did not absolve itself of responsibility...

      and after the 91st, things became a little different for us... just remember how they betrayed the feat of the guys in the First Chechen War... well, or the “Istanbul” negotiations in 22nd... in fact, the Heroes of Gostomel were betrayed and sold ...FOOLED...
    2. 0
      18 February 2024 21: 02
      Are you by any chance Klitschko? the style is very similar
  6. 0
    18 February 2024 12: 28
    Nazis from "Azov"* should not be taken prisoner!
  7. 0
    18 February 2024 12: 40
    All victories are pleasant. Thanks to our soldiers. Statement from Ukraine. NATO agreed to supply weapons with a range of 1000 km to reach Moscow. From Kharkov to Moscow 650 km. Donetsk - Lviv, 1000 km. What should we do to prevent the Kyiv-Lvov fascists from killing our civilians and children? It is necessary to liquidate the outbreak, to liquidate the state of Ukraine. Before 1917, there was no such state. The Russian Federation needs to issue a LAW in which it will be written that the entire territory of Ukraine, within the borders of 1975, is an integral part of Russia. The entire territory of Ukraine must return to Russia in the form of regions. Such a Law is a way out of the current military-political deadlock. This is a bid for Russia's victory over the enemy.
  8. 0
    18 February 2024 18: 31
    This was yesterday's report, I'm reading that they have already established a foothold in Lastochkino today. Of note, Lastochkino was where the Azov battalion allegedly set up their defensive line; it would seem that they have been crushed.