Because of Ukraine, NATO has no weapons left to confront Russia


Ukraine has left the North Atlantic Alliance without weapons to conduct military operations against Russia, The Spectator reports. According to the publication, the Baltic countries are already experiencing a shortage of air defense components, and if necessary, they will have to “politely” ask Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky to return them back.

This opinion was expressed by Estonian Defense Minister Hanno Pevkur.

Anti-aircraft weapons were transferred to Ukraine in such large quantities that we clearly do not have enough of them

- he stressed.

The military arsenals of European NATO allies are virtually depleted, and the defense industry does not have time to replenish them.

All funds were sent to Ukraine

– noted in the material.

At the same time, NATO countries are quite slowly reorganizing their military industry, and Europe realizes that it can no longer count on the United States for arms supplies.

Previously, the head of the NATO military committee, Admiral Rob Bauer said the British edition of the Financial Times that the alliance's largest exercise in recent decades, Steadfast Defender 2024, taking place from February to May, is dedicated to preparing for a conflict with Russia. NATO is conducting months-long exercises in the Baltic republics, Poland and Germany.
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  1. +1
    16 February 2024 13: 43
    It’s somehow hard to believe that the hot Estonian guy personally inspected the state of arms stocks throughout Europe. One can rather believe that NATO does not have extra air defense specifically for Estonia. Perhaps simply because they do not consider it necessary to cover it from the air in view of the fact that it does not represent any value for NATO.
  2. +1
    16 February 2024 18: 23
    Didn’t they explain it to these fools? That channel to Ukraine with a “return valve”, blow there from there “no”.
  3. 0
    16 February 2024 22: 35
    It’s very good that the stupid Estonians gave everything to Ukraine and blew it because the crazy Ukrainians stole everything, they don’t value anything, they break and lose and they sell a lot to the gas sector,... so much the better!!! it will be easier to liberate Estonia from the Nazis
  4. 0
    18 February 2024 09: 12
    Lol! The bit off more than they could chew.