German farmers besieged the Rheinmetall plant under construction to produce shells for Ukraine


Several hundred people and 300 units of agricultural equipment took part in a large-scale protest in the German city of Unterluss. Farmers blocked the access roads to the ammunition production plant of the German arms company Rheinmetall. This enterprise is just beginning to be built; the groundbreaking ceremony took place the day before.

Until recently, European farmers defended exclusively their own interests at their protests, without interfering with the larger policies. However, the protest in Unterluss is clear evidence that the EU population, to put it mildly, is dissatisfied with the policy of supporting Ukraine pursued by the governments of most countries on the continent.

Let us remind you that the Rheinmetall company in Unterluss intends to produce ammunition not only for the German army, but also for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. They want to place the main emphasis on the production of 155 mm artillery shells, which the Ukrainian army so desperately needs.

Farmers rightly believed that the production of shells would only fuel the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, which had already resulted in too much expense for Europe. But for some reason, the governments of the EU countries prefer to think about supporting the Kyiv regime, and not about the well-being of their own citizens.

Let us add that the very fact of building a new ammunition production plant is regarded by many experts as an admission by the West of its own inability to compensate for Ukraine’s losses.
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    13 February 2024 12: 12
    It is best for all German citizens to oppose Stolz’s policies and make elections for another adequate politician in their country of Germany, he will soon derail the German economy!
    1. 0
      13 February 2024 15: 16
      The economy is in the hands of the German "elite". And now she has decided to make money by producing ammunition and other things necessary for the war on the territory of the former Ukraine.
      Another interesting thing is the plant’s capacity and how many other similar production facilities will start operating in the near future.
      They will not build a plant for the sake of filling warehouses, because... The Germans won't make much money from this.
      1. 0
        13 February 2024 15: 37
        And even better - destroy Durkaina along with her “brotherly” Nazism.
        The Germans, despite all their sins, are a smart nation. Unfortunately, they may very well be smarter than the Russians. Why should we be surprised if my great-grandmother lived under serfdom and could neither write nor read?
        Grandmother, born in 1900, learned to read and write only thanks to Soviet power. And the education of the milkmaid on the collective farm.... that’s right, none.
      2. 0
        13 February 2024 17: 19
        Already earned. Everything old Soviet, sent to the outskirts, is replaced by new American and German. Plus the emerging additional rearmament of all NATO countries. They don't have time to fulfill orders. Ordinary Germans understand perfectly well where the dog has rummaged. But all this money is money and profits of the military-industrial complex, not the population.
        1. 0
          14 February 2024 06: 26
          But workers also earn money.
          Isn’t that the case with you? Putin, in place of paying for the transit of gas with money, would arrange for the sending of weapons for Ukraine with this money. And the military-industrial complex and friends would be happy. After all, the crests would buy weapons from us with this money, and they would buy them from you. A complete benefit. They built a nuclear power plant for the Turks to take with them, the construction of a plant for the production of drones, as they are currently building in Ukraine.
      3. 0
        14 February 2024 06: 20
        This is a long war. Russia, thanks to military orders, has “overtaken” Germany and began to live well. Now we also need to raise the military-industrial complex to the required level. And factories, for example, in Jena began to work three shifts instead of one. FMA received a large order. Maybe we’ll catch up with Russia.
  2. +1
    13 February 2024 18: 46
    Besieging a plant that has just been laid down is funny
  3. +1
    15 February 2024 00: 20
    Awesome writing!))
    They besieged an unknown place in a vacant lot, it’s not clear who))
  4. +1
    15 February 2024 07: 42
    Now the German riot police will come and lightly stroke the troublemakers’ kidneys with their batons. And for throwing a glass at Corporal Hans Schnittke, a couple of burghers will go away for three or four years. And that's the end of it. Or is it something else and, it turns out, you can jump against the authorities if you don’t like something? And Scholz will tell you tomorrow that everyone who is against the construction of the plant is Moscow-paid Gavriks who want to shake the stability in Germany.
    1. 0
      17 February 2024 09: 46
      ..why shake this “stability”? ..she will die soon anyway! laughing