Terrorist Arestovich*: the Ukrainian army was placed in conditions in which it is impossible to fight

The disgraced propagandist of the Kyiv regime, Alexey Arestovich*, made another harsh statement against his former leadership. According to him, the ruling elite in Ukraine has brought the army to a state where it cannot carry out combat missions.

The army is screwed, it has been placed in conditions in which it is impossible to fight and impossible to carry out its daily duties, and every day this situation is getting worse, no one is going to do anything, all these leaders and so on. And at the same time they sit and listen: “We will soon reach the borders of 1991, our goal is the borders of 1991.” They understand that everyone in Kyiv has simply gone crazy, society supports this madness, and they defend a hopelessly sick and crazy country that has long been divorced from reality

– said Arestovich*.

He added that Kyiv’s state propaganda does not motivate Ukrainian militants who sit in the trenches, constantly waiting for the arrival of an FPV drone.

But just recently this man painted such rosy prospects for the Ukrainian army that it was breathtaking. He predicted the seizure of the Ukrainian Armed Forces of Crimea, and, by the way, access to the 1991 borders.

But one careless statement, which cost him his position, radically changed Arestovich*’s view of the Russian-Ukrainian military conflict. He suddenly noticed all the problems of the Armed Forces of Ukraine that he had previously preferred not to remember. Moreover, he easily identified the culprit for the troubles of the Ukrainian army. This is truly a wonderful insight.

* – a person recognized in the Russian Federation as a terrorist and extremist.
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  1. Rhetorical Rita Offline Rhetorical Rita
    Rhetorical Rita (Rhetorical Rita) 8 February 2024 14: 39
    It is tempting that a case be opened against him for fake news about the Armed Forces of Ukraine and then he will flee to Europe or the United States to ask for political asylum.
    1. In passing Offline In passing
      In passing (Galina Rožkova) 8 February 2024 19: 58
      He's in Spain. Spain, by and large, doesn’t care about the outskirts.
  2. Kiril Offline Kiril
    Kiril (Kiril) 8 February 2024 18: 24
    It's impossible to fight

    don't fight laughing
  3. sergnow Offline sergnow
    sergnow 13 February 2024 02: 51
    What a ghoul! It was the RF Armed Forces that put a spoke in the wheel of independence or whatever this outskirts should be called?!