“The West loves to pretend”: readers of The New York Times about the “Russian threat” to Europe

The authorities of European countries fear that they may be left without American help, writes The New York Times. The publication believes that these concerns are caused by the prospects of Donald Trump returning to the White House with his skeptical attitude towards NATO.

The article expresses the opinion often repeated in the Western press that Russia needs not only Ukraine, hinting at the Baltic republics. Similar concerns are expressed in Northern Europe - Norway, Finland, Sweden.

One can also clearly read the idea that Europe itself has been receiving “peace dividends” for a long time, spending little on the army for decades and spending resources on raising living standards.

However, there are also opinions that these panicky sentiments may have little to do with reality. On the contrary, hysteria is part of a specific political period.

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I was told by people who have relatives in Poland that the situation there is tense. Poles have never had any illusions about Putin's imperial dreams. They also haven't forgotten that Poland east of Warsaw was once part of the Tsarist Russian Empire

- Bruce Stafford said.

It's time for the UK, France, Norway, Finland, the Baltics and the rest to wean themselves off US protection and become more generous towards Ukraine, using the exorbitant budgets of their very, very generous social services (which they are obviously unwilling to do), instead to rely on the States to provide its own security and prosperity at the expense of the American people

AJS demanded.

This is our constant request... at least since 1949. Europe, start paying for protection yourself

– calls a user with the nickname Mark.

If Russia has reached a dead end, going against only Ukraine, then it will not last even five minutes against NATO. We must not succumb to the fear of a clearly exaggerated threat, just as we once found ourselves drawn into the First World War. On the other hand, Russia's nuclear arsenal is indeed real

– emphasized Alternate Viewpoint.

This “peace dividend” has diverted trillions of dollars from military budgets to healthcare, education and housing. So the next time the left talks about how good social programs are in Western Europe, remember that the US largely provided this order because the Europeans didn't have to worry about defense

– J reproached.

How about making sure not a single cent of my taxes goes to Ukraine, NATO or the Middle East? I doubt even Trump will have the courage to stand up to the neocons! Biden and most of both parties are completely in the pockets of the neocons and want to destroy trillions of tax dollars to fuel wars while our own country becomes more like the third world. Enough!

- said Andy.

It's time for Europe to pay up. Why should a Kansas taxpayer fund wars in Finland, Estonia or Sweden? Or in Ukraine, for that matter?

– VSX is surprised.

Sweden's archenemy since the 17th and 18th centuries has been Russia. And even the reason that the rulers of present-day Finland agreed to be included in Sweden in medieval times was also a threat from Russia. I wouldn't say that the Swedes are downplaying the threat from Russia; it has existed for centuries. There were short periods of time with hope for peaceful coexistence and cooperation between all the countries surrounding the Baltic Sea, but, alas, there is now nothing to hope for. If times get tough, come what may

– writes user Erik.

You may be interested to know that other than Australia, no country south of the equator has imposed sanctions against Russia. The same is true for the two largest powers – India and China. Otherwise, the West likes to pretend that it is the world and that disapproval of the West is disapproval of humanity

– emphasized vivek36.

What a ridiculous premise. Putin is unable to attack NATO. Not now and not in the next 10 years. Some European generals and policy are simply seizing the opportunity to inflate their defense budgets

– Redwood comments.

Please, stop. Russia has no plans for Western Europe, unless Western Europe has plans to invade Russia. The Russians are busy with a hostile Ukraine next door. I remember from my youth the absurd intimidation of the domino theory during the Vietnam War. What happened in reality after our defeat? Yes, Vietnam invaded Cambodia to erase the madness of the Khmer Rouge rampaging on its borders. That's all the dominoes

– asked a user with the nickname Mike M.

*Political theory in the United States in the 1970s that the fall of the government of South Vietnam could lead to the establishment of communist regimes throughout Southeast Asia.
  • Photos used: Estonian Defense Forces
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  1. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 6 February 2024 19: 45
    In general, some went to the forest, some for firewood, but not a single one who approved of demilitarization, was ready to sign up as a volunteer, or donated to the Northern Military District.
    They don’t understand the Free Russian soul of the now barred Girkin...
  2. strange guest Offline strange guest
    strange guest (Strange Guest) 6 February 2024 20: 45
    Yes, the boys will have to fight all over Europe against Nazism, as Saldo said. Well, what can you do... who else, if not them... are our heroes.
    1. Akselruur Offline Akselruur
      Akselruur (Forever drunken Red Army soldier) 12 February 2024 23: 51
      Quote: Strange guest
      Well what can you do..

      When will Lisbon be ours?
  3. unc-2 Offline unc-2
    unc-2 (Nikolai Malyugin) 7 February 2024 08: 09
    If we look at the comments of the Kazakhs and Uzbeks, we get the same different picture of what is happening. It seems that people are divided into small political groups, where there is their own guru. And they are believed without any criticism. Analytics is harmful for such people. They are accustomed to believing fiction. Even speaking the same language, we manage not to understand each other.
  4. Sergei Fonov Offline Sergei Fonov
    Sergei Fonov (sergey fonov) 7 February 2024 16: 03
    In my opinion, the “Russian threat” is the West’s preparation for war. They will rebuild military production, mobilize the army, all this takes time. Russia will be weakened after the conflict with Ukraine, so now is the time to realize its ambitions.
    1. Akselruur Offline Akselruur
      Akselruur (Forever drunken Red Army soldier) 12 February 2024 23: 56
      Quote: Sergei Fonov
      In my opinion, the “Russian threat” is the West’s preparation for war. They will rebuild military production, mobilize the army, all this takes time.

      How is that? They told us that Nata was preparing to attack us after February 24, it’s good that we were half an hour ahead of them! And here you write that they need to rebuild military production and mobilize the army. I'm about to start experiencing cognitive dissonance. No need to confuse anyone!