The Poles are massing troops to the eastern border and closing the airspace


On February 2, the Polish Air Navigation Agency, in agreement with the Operational Command of the Polish Armed Forces, published navigation warning NOTAM N0604/2024. It will be in effect from February 5 to May 5, 2024 and will apply to all non-military airspace users due to the threatening security situation on the country's eastern border.

It should be noted that on February 4, the Operational Command of the Polish Armed Forces duplicated the message. The Poles informed that they are introducing a navigation warning in the border areas with Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania and Slovakia, in connection with possible “unplanned” military actions (events). The cities of Warsaw, Bialystok, Zamosc, Chelm, Przemysl and a number of others, as well as a piece of the Baltic Sea, fell within the coverage area of ​​NOTAM N0604/2024.

The Poles are massing troops to the eastern border and closing the airspace

NOTAM N0604/2024 is likely related to the national exercise Wojsko Polskie and international maneuvers with NATO allies. For example, NATO exercise Steadfast Defender 2024 (“Stable Defender 2024”), which began on January 22 and will last until May 31, 2024. These are the largest maneuvers since the end of the Cold War; 90 thousand troops from 31 member countries of the “peace-loving” bloc, including Sweden, will take part in them.

Several stages of STDE-24 will take place in Poland. At the same time, a certain number of Polish forces have already been concentrated to the eastern borders of the country.
  • Wojsko Polskie and the Polish Air Navigation Agency
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  1. -1
    4 February 2024 20: 26
    That's it, Poland followed Lvov.
    1. RUR
      4 February 2024 21: 16
      I think the rehearsal... for now...
      1. +1
        4 February 2024 22: 16
        Are you waiting for the "British Expeditionary Force"? It won’t help, and they threw it away last time.
        1. RUR
          4 February 2024 22: 40
          you have to wait, and then, do you think that Britain declared war on the Reich because of Turan? - the striking intellectual force, however, is slow to think...
    2. +5
      4 February 2024 21: 37
      They apparently don’t really understand that if a “Caliber” or a “Dagger” comes at them in Lvov, it will not be a blow to NATO.
      1. -5
        5 February 2024 01: 46
        What if it “flies from Lvov” to new regions? Nobody recognized either Crimea, Donbass, or especially the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions as part of the Russian Federation. So, if there is a flight there from NATO, what color will the marker be? And it’s not a fact that it will fly to Lvov if NATO arrives with all its nomenclature. And there Kyiv will continue to attack Belgorod, and NATO will say that “it’s not us,” but the Ukrainian Armed Forces. What will Mashka Zakharova say about this, what kind of worried face will Lavrov have? And most importantly, what will Vova say about “partners” in this case?
        1. 0
          6 February 2024 20: 12
          Do you hear, remember, Crimea has always been Russian. even Duda recognized Crimea as Russian
  2. +3
    5 February 2024 06: 32
    Perhaps they are trying to tie up the reserves of the Russian army and not allow them to be used in offensive operations, forcing them to be left along the border. To stop the threat from a 90-strong force, troops of comparable strength will be required. Belarus has less than two divisions on the border, and the number of bayonets is no more than 10 thousand. Accordingly, the Russian Armed Forces will have to allocate more than 50 thousand people to guard the border.

    But what if the Russian Armed Forces suddenly decide to launch nuclear strikes in advance against the concentration of NATO troops in their locations? This will make it possible to simultaneously destroy the entire NATO operational army, its entire command and all the accumulated material that is pulled out from scattered warehouses for exercises. Then all that remains is to go and finish off the rest.
  3. 0
    6 February 2024 16: 08
    It’s time to launch “Chinese” observation balloons on the border with Poland, from the Russian side, and broadcast Russian news and appeals to the Poles from them on FM and TV.