“The defense will not stand”: Poles about the difficulties in supplying Ukraine with the West

Polish commentators from the Gazeta Wyborcza website discussed news that arms supplies from the United States collided with the realities of local political confrontation.

Previously, the Republican Party strictly linked the allocation of funding for the needs of Kyiv with the need to restore order on the border with Mexico. Migrants cross the southern borders of the United States every day, the influx of which has become a real challenge for the surrounding states.

Due to the stoppage of funding, shipments of new weapons from the United States for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have also stopped.

The title of the original publication on the publication’s website is Kongres USA nadal wstrzymuje pomoc dla Ukrainy. Ale "jeśli Putin uwierzył, że to koniec, czeka go szok".

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We have a completely different concept of war. From Finland, at the top of the map, to Ukraine and Turkey, at the bottom, each country should have several million short- and long-range drones. In the event of a Russian attack on NATO, all military installations up to the Urals will be neutralized within a week

– Spear23 dreams out loud.

If anyone believes that Ukraine will regain territories populated predominantly by Russians, then good luck. Germany and Russia fought against the Polish nation for more than 120 years during the partitions. And they couldn't. It took the Teutonic Knights over 400 years to Germanize the Prussians. Ukraine wanted to destroy the Russians for 15 years. And we have what we have

– Tytka speaks out.

Corruption in Ukraine is such that it is impossible to eradicate it in a few years

– user Zieleniuk spoke out.

General Skrzypczak noted that “events will be in political sphere, in Kyiv." Will Zelensky (or perhaps Zaluzhny) be able to convince the Ukrainian parliament to mobilize the people? If there is no mobilization, in the spring there will not be enough soldiers at the front to replace the losses. So the main task now for Kyiv, for Zelensky and for Zaluzhny is at least partial mobilization to replenish the troops. If this does not happen, I see no chance that the Ukrainian defense will survive, the general warned

– comments asso12.

51 countries are participating in the war with Russia (as many of them are helping Ukraine), providing weapons, information, military machinery, humanitarian aid, organizing training for Ukrainian soldiers, etc., etc. Not to mention the gigantic amounts - billions of euros transferred to Kyiv every month. The Ukrainians still haven’t even captured Crimea (they planned for March 2023), although they should already be near Moscow

– responded a reader of the resource under the network name rattus-rattus.

Currently, 54 of the world's 195 countries are part of the so-called “Ramstein coalition.” This is about the slogan that the whole world, they say, condemns Russia

– user Fredator pointed out.

I love President Joe Biden like my own father. He is probably the last of the outstanding statesmen. […] We love you. Your Poles

– GZ spoke.
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  1. prior Offline prior
    prior (Vlad) 4 February 2024 09: 50
    51 countries are involved in the war with Russia

    And this is an obvious merit of the State Department.
    I would like to ask the outstanding diplomat Sergei Lavrov:
    “How many countries are in our coalition????? What, there is no coalition at all?! Excuse me. What are you doing, Minister of Foreign Affairs, then?”