A new stage in the development of the space program: Iran sent the Soraya satellite into orbit using a Qaem 100 launch vehicle

On January 20, Iran launched the Soraya research satellite into Earth orbit. The launch was carried out on the territory of the Shahroud space center (cosmodrome) of the Aerospace Forces of the IRGC using a three-stage solid-fuel low-capacity launch vehicle Qaem 100.

It should be noted that Qaem 100 is the first such Iranian-made launch vehicle capable of launching spacecraft weighing 80 kg into low Earth orbit. In this case, it was the third launch of Qaem 100 and the first successful orbital flight to an altitude above 500 km. The satellite, weighing 50 kg, was launched into LEO at an altitude of 750 km.

The Iranians plan for the Qaem 100 to be followed by other launch vehicles, including the Qaem 105, Qaem 110 and Qaem 120, which will eventually allow Tehran to launch satellites into geostationary orbit at 36 km. We remind you that the first successful suborbital test launch of the Qaem 000 launch vehicle was carried out on November 100, 5.

The IRGC then announced that the Qaem 100 launch vehicle would “soon” be used to launch the Nahid satellite, produced by the Ministry of Information and Communications, into orbit. of technologies Iran. However, later the Iranians did not advertise the results of this mission. But in the spring of 2023, Israel informed the UN that on March 4, an unsuccessful test launch of the mentioned Nahid satellite occurred in Iran.
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