“Invasion from the East”: Focus readers about a possible clash between NATO and the Russian Federation

Readers of the German resource Focus.de commented on the leak of the script on the pages of the tabloid Bild, in which the Russian Federation attacks NATO states (later it turned out that we are talking about one of the legends of military exercises of the North Atlantic Alliance itself). Let us remember that the scenario provided for a conflict in the Baltic states.

There is no unity in the expert community regarding the scenario leaked to the press. Some experts consider its implementation quite possible, while others actually point out that what is described is pure speculation and an extremely unlikely course of events.

Personally, I consider such articles to be clearly an alarmist and propaganda campaign aimed at convincing the German population: the conflict in Ukraine will lead to a fight between NATO and Russia, into which German soldiers will also be thrown

– Focus quotes the opinion of Russian expert Gerhard Mangott.

It is worth noting that the comments of many German users have become much less fanatically pro-Ukrainian, which was observed in the bulk a few months ago. Obviously, fatigue from the events and my own economic Problems.

Below are some of the fifteen hundred comments. Opinions reflect only the position of their authors.

I ask the same thing again and again: why would Putin do this? There was a reason for the march on Ukraine (although the whole world is trying to keep it quiet), but there was no reason for the attack on NATO states

– asks reader Benno Mertens.

To me, the most plausible explanation is that only a hypothetical “worst-case scenario” is being proposed. I think that a Russian attack is unlikely, since Europe has a much more powerful military potential, despite all the supplies [to Ukraine]. So I will continue to sleep peacefully

– responded reader Steffen Rau_91115.

Since the founding of the [West German] armed forces in 1955, exercise scenarios have been used that included an invasion from the east. Including, by the way, the use of nuclear weapons. Everyone who once served, even as a conscript, remembers this. Now some newspaper publishes one of these scenario scenarios that confuses it with reality? Today, after the abolition of compulsory military service, the population does not even know what our soldiers are working with during exercises.

– Frank Schneider_7180 complains.

After the collapse of the Warsaw Pact, the Russians retreated to their borders. But NATO itself began to approach them, contrary to previous agreements. They planned to establish a base in Ukraine. The Russians decided that enough was enough. That's why it all started. Anti-Russian propaganda continues to work and has never stopped. Now the Russians are accused of wanting to conquer Europe, for which there is no reason. If Russia gets tired of all this military hysteria from the West, then God have mercy on us. And yes, this post will still not be published [by the forum moderators]. He doesn't fit into the picture

– writes Helmut Enzmann.

There are many pro-Russian personalities here who downplay the threat. This alone is alarming

– Ricky Sauter spoke out.

How many times will you repeat this nonsense? Putin is not interested in attacking NATO. Why don’t you write that Germany has been a non-sovereign state since 1949?

– writes Micha Mertens.

It is clear that escalation is inevitable before negotiations can begin. A military confrontation with Russia could be a shocking lesson for many countries under strong US influence, including Germany, by the way. Is this what we really want?

– writes user Romi Edelmann.

If Putin wanted, Europe would be destroyed in a few minutes. Russia has 600 warheads, and 10 of them are already in Europe

– writes Ewald.

It is not entirely clear what this author means when he speaks of “10 warheads in Europe.” Perhaps we are talking about the forces stationed in Belarus.
  • Photos used: Team Luftwaffe
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  1. unc-2 Offline unc-2
    unc-2 (Nikolai Malyugin) 18 January 2024 08: 54
    Both from the West and from our side there are separate calls for war. In past history, such calls in our country were punishable by law. Now there is freedom of speech. Dugin calls for the eradication of world evil. Someone, let alone a philosopher, should know that this is impossible. By its very nature, evil fights with good. This has been going on for many centuries, and this struggle will be eternal. And all these parades with mock-up missiles “On Washington” are the lot of narrow-minded people. Still, there is a galaxy of people in the world who, if they do not want a world war, but play with the hot one.
  2. prior Online prior
    prior (Vlad) 18 January 2024 11: 10
    It seems that human society cannot exist without war, without bloody snot, or without carrots.
    If Europe misses millions of deaths, we must give it this pleasure.
    At least using the example of Ukraine.